My IT man, Jamie Kirby, who is also my grandson and my webmaster.  Without him,  this new website would not have been built.  He is a genius when it comes to computers and I am a dummy when it comes to computers.  So, thank God for Jamie.   He does the posting of the news that I give him, into this website and he edits videos that I do. He does all things technical.

LINDA KIRBY, Publisher, writer, commentator, bible teacher

JAMIE KIRBY, technical support, webmaster, co- publisher

Linda Kirby, Publisher, commentator, Youtube news programs and bible study.   

I'm a born again Christian and a bible study teacher.  I used to be an online missionary.   I report on news that points to the end times so everyone can see how short our time is now.  I am praying that by showing you the time,  if you have not taken Christ as your Savior, now is the perfect time, before it's too late.  This world is headed toward the worse time it has ever seen and unless you have let Christ into your heart and you follow him closely, you will be here to suffer unimaginable events that no one wants to go through.  I have put the rapture study in this website to help you understand the rapture.  I have put other pages that will help you understand what is happening in this world.  I have even put a page called Left Behind, just in case you waited too long, you will have some clue what to do.  You will die a horrible death, yes, but at least, if you take Christ after the rapture, your eternity will not be in hell!  Don't wait until then to be saved!  You don't want to experience those events in the tribulation, trust me or read Rev. 1 through 21.  Here's how you get saved: 



There you will find the ABCs of salvation.  It's so easy, no hoops to jump through. 


If you need prayer for you or your family or friends, we have a powerful prayer team who stands ready to pray for your needs.  Just email me at linkirb@gmail.com.  God bless you always.

This news source and it's staff receives no pay for their work.  We are all volunteers doing God's work.  God provides us what we need to do His work through donations from our loyal followers.  God is so good to be faithful in keeping this news afloat.  Thank you all for your loving support.