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12-Year-Old New Jersey Boy Dies Suddenly During Football Practice

( Breitbart )

A family in Newark, New Jersey, is left with questions after their 12-year-old son collapsed and died suddenly during football practice at a local field.

The boy, Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, was reportedly performing drills along with his team, the Essex County Predators, at the West Side Park football field when he collapsed.

Team officials say that Brown-Garcia was not engaged in heavy activity at the time, according to News 12.

“No contact. It was just drills running back and forth. He didn’t get hit,” said his mother, Raven Brown. “He was a healthy kid…I don’t know why Friday night was his day.”

“He was so happy to be there. He didn’t know that it was going to be his last day,” Brown added.

Brown added that her ten-year-old son, who was also at the practice, called her and told her that Elijah had collapsed and they were “fanning” him and pouring water on him.

The bereaved mother also says that even though there were at least three calls for an ambulance, it took. more than 40 minutes for one to arrive. In fact, she told the media that she beat the ambulance to the field when she rushed there herself.

“I beat the ambulance there,” Brown insisted. “Like 30-40 minutes. It took them a long time.”

Brown is also wondering why no one involved with the team or the league is CPR certified. She added that the coach admitted that no one on site was able to help.

“They are neglectful. You can’t run a team like that,” Brown insisted.

“I miss his face. I miss him dancing…I just miss him. I miss everything about him,” the boy’s mother said.

A spokesman for the Big 21 league said that they didn’t have enough information about the incident to make any statements.

The teen’s school, KIPP Rise Academy, released a statement saying how much they will miss the boy.

“Elijah will be deeply missed by our KIPP students, families,s and educators, and we will remember him as a kind, outgoing student who was a friend to all,” said Jessica Shearer, a school spokesperson. “Elijah has a brother and an aunt learning and teaching within our school. To support the Brown-Garcia family as they navigate this tragedy, please donate to their GoFundMe.”

“Elijah was an outgoing, loving young kid. He loved dancing and football and loved his family. He made sure everyone was comfortable with his infectious smile. He loved going to school,l and he loved his friends,” the message on the GoFundMe page reads.

“At a young tender age of 12, Elijah passed away playing football, doing what he loved,” the page adds.

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