2,246 Bodies Found in Home of Deceased Indiana Serial Killer

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Serial killer Ulrich Klopfer who operated an abortion clinic in South Bend, IN until 2015 died on September 3rd. While collecting Klopfer’s property from his home in Will County, IL, his family discovered thousands of bodies and contacted the Will County Sherriff’s Office, who found 2,246 in all.

The Sherriff’s Office made a point to note that there is no evidence that any abortions were performed at Klopfer’s home, and just about every report on the story is making note of the same.

The reason everyone is making this note is because the pro-life strategy for decades has been to regulate abortion to make it as safe as possible. In recent year’s, pro-life lobbyists and legislators even have focused on regulating how the bodies are disposed of. When people in the political or legal worlds see something like thousands of bodies in the basement of an abortionist, their first thought is to figure out whether regulations were violated because that is what the pro-life-pro-choice paradigm revolves around.

This paradigm is exactly why murdering human beings in the womb is still legal. If the pro-life case against abortion is that it should be more regulated, then we’ve conceded that it’s health care. If something is health care, you regulate it. If it’s murder, you abolish it.

C.R. Cali explained this well in his recently published book, The Doctrine of Balaam:

“Regulating abortions gives more than tacit permission; it definitionally governs, directs, and controls the killing of preborn children through rule and law. Rather than engendering an attitude of abhorrence for this slaughter, regulations legitimatize the practice by dictating where, when, and how it is acceptable.”

Pro-lifers must stop treating abortion like health care. They have to stop writing laws which lay out exactly when, where, and how human beings can be murdered; laws which concede that Roe is a legitimate opinion. In short, simply treat abortion like what it is. Call it murder and abolish it as such. Forget regulations.

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