Rockets from Gaza hit Sderot

Rocket sirens were heard on Friday night in the city of Sderot and in the Gaza Belt region of southern Israel.

Reports say three or four rockets that were fired from Gaza exploded in Sderot. They hit open areas, and there were no physical injuries or damages.

While the volume of rocket attacks from Gaza has gone down in recent months, Gaza's terrorist groups remind Israel of their presence and continue to open fire towards southern Israel on occasion.

In January, terrorists from Gaza fired two rockets, causing no physical injuries or damages.

In response, the Israeli air forces attacked Hamas sites in Gaza.

In mid-January, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets launched an airstrike against a terror cell in northern Gaza.

The cell engaged in planting explosives on the security fence targeting soldiers patrolling the border with Gaza. According to the IDF, direct strikes on the terrorists were identified.

Hamas later threatened Israel over the attack, saying Israel was “playing with fire”.

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