Police whistleblower asserts cops 'murdered' mom

WASHINGTON – A letter from a U.S. Capitol Police officer contains a series of bombshell revelations in the case of Miriam Carey, the unarmed, black, single mother who, with her one-year-old daughter in tow, was chased and gunned down by federal agents in the heart of the nation’s capital, after apparently doing nothing more than making a wrong turn at the White House.

The letter reveals:

  • Capitol Police officers believe Carey was murdered.

  • Officers on the scene were made to change their statements.

  • Officers had never seen an investigation handled in that fashion.

  • Officers expected the government to stonewall inquiries into the case.

  • The Capitol Police chief and assistant chief were so uncomfortable with the case that the former considered resigning and the latter actually did.

The letter was sent anonymously in a U.S. Capitol Police envelope to Carey family attorney Eric Sanders, who then provided it to WND. The attorney, a former New York Police Department officer himself, said the author of the letter is definitely a Capitol Police officer speaking on behalf of other such officers who “know inside details only an employee would know.”

The letter substantiates much of WND’s reporting and contradicts much of the official version of events, including the contention there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against officers for Carey’s death. WND has spent two-and-a-half years attempting to crack an official stonewall in the shooting death of Carey by Capitol Police officers and Secret Service agents on Oct. 3, 2013. WND has published more than 80 stories on the Carey case, including three-dozen investigative pieces revealing so much damning information that civil liberties experts concluded she was, in effect, murdered. Mainstream media incorrectly reported Carey tried to breech White House security by ramming a gate, then ran over an officer and sped away. But WND’s reporting revealed: Carey was repeatedly shot in the back Officers claimed they shot her in self-defense Her child in the backseat was covered in glass and blood Carey didn’t break any laws Carey didn’t try to enter the White House grounds Carey did not ram a White House gate Officers gave no reason for stopping Carey Officers gave no reason for pursuing Carey Carey did not flee or speed away Carey did not run over an officer Police knew Carey was not a terrorist before they shot her Secret Service officers violated their use of force policy Police statements are missing Witness statements are missing Evidence is missing Police refuse to release findings justifying the shooting WND is represented in federal court by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch and is currently engaged in a legal effort to compel the Justice Department to turn over documents that would definitively show whether the killing of Carey was justified, or not. Revelations in this letter bolster WND’s contention that federal officials are covering up the truth of the Carey case and that her killing was not justified. The Capitol Police officer who penned the letter does not merely make a claim that Carey was murdered; instead, the officer simply states it as a fact, writing: “I doubt members of Congress would have cheered on the House floor when Ms. Carey was murdered…which was obscene and pathetic.”

Officers on the scene of the Carey killing were made to change their stories:

"I also know that officers on the scene the day Ms. Carey died had to give written statements, but they were brought in to watch the video of the shooting so they could amend their statement to go along with the video."

That's because the police feared they were in the wrong:

"This was obviously done in case the Justice Department decided to prosecute and to build up the Departments defense if you ever get this case to court."

The investigation was conducted in a highly irregular fashion:

"I have never heard of investigations being handled in this fashion. I had heard a couple officers complaining about this I don't have their phone numbers, but their names are [redacted] and redacted.]" (WND redacted the officers' names to protect their anonymity.)

The writer and fellow officers suspect a cover-up:

"What we don't understand is how the Justice Department will do a complete analysis of the police departments in Ferguson and Baltimore, but ignores your simple request for transparency in Ms. Carey's case."

The officer does not believe justice was done and encourages the pursuit of the truth:

"I was so happy to learn that you did file the lawsuit. While I fully expect the government to stonewall you, please don't give up."

One of the reasons not to give up is that even Capitol Police leadership is extremely uncomfortable with the case:

"There are rumors that the Carey case was one of the reasons the chief [Kim Dines] wanted to resign, instead assistant chief [Daniel] Malloy retired. Many people believe it is because he is African American and he had problems with the entire incident, which would make sense since his wife has had a long standing lawsuit against the capitol police for harassment and discrimination."

Officers indicate they do not believe justice was done in the Carey case:

"I will try to follow any progress in the media on your pursuit of justice."

The writer makes it clear he or she believes Carey was unjustly killed:

"Please help the Carey family get the justice they deserve."

And, the officer makes it clear most Capitol Police officers also believe Carey was unjustly killed:

"I hope some of this helps you, please start reaching out to those of us that work for the Capitol Police, I'm sure the majority of employees would be forthcoming."

Carey was shot and killed by Capitol Police officers and Secret Service agents, who fired 26 rounds, hitting her five times. Three bullets hit her in the back, one in the arm, and one in the back and side of her head.

She turned into a White House guard post at the 15th and E streets apparently by mistake because the first thing she did was make a U-turn to leave.

For some unexplained reason, Secret Service agents tried to prevent her from leaving. It is illegal to try to enter White House grounds but it is not illegal to try to leave. After Carey drove around a bike rack an off-duty officer dragged in front of her car, she departed towards the Capitol on Pennsylvania Ave. at what turned out to be an average of 19.5 miles an hour, even though the Justice Department claimed she hit speeds of up to 80 miles an hour.

Also for some unexplained reason, federal officers chased Carey, firing a volley of bullets at her car at Garfield Circle, and firing another volley just blocks from the Capitol, killing her while her infant daughter was in the backseat, showered with glass and covered in blood.

The investigation into the shooting was conducted by the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C.

It was reviewed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia, a branch of the U.S. Justice Department.

Authorities refused to release the police report after the Justice Department announced on July 10, 2014, that there was "insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights or local charges against officers from the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police who were involved in the fatal shooting of Miriam Carey on Oct. 3, 2013, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol."

So, WND filed a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request for the report.

The Washington Metro Police Department refused to turn over the report.

WND successfully appealed to the Washington mayor's office and obtained the report, then published a five-part series outlining all the bombshell material it contained.

However, much of the report was redacted, or blacked-out, so WND filed a FOIA request with the Justice Department for its review of the investigation, including its analysis of the evidence and the findings that led to the decision not to file criminal charges against officers.

After months of stonewalling, the Justice Department agreed to provide its report, once Judicial Watch sued the department on behalf of WND.

WND then published a three-part series outlining the many new disturbing revelations found in that report.

However, the Justice Department had failed to turn over the key items WND had requested.

One was the surveillance video of Carey at the White House guard post and the video of her shooting.

The other was a 92-page memo containing the findings of the police report and analysis of the evidence.

WND, again represented in federal court by Judicial Watch, is currently asking a federal judge to compel the Justice Department to turn over that material.

Here is the full text of the letter sent by Capitol Police calling for justice in the case of Miriam Carey:

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