Does it matter that they are erecting temples to baal

Does it matter that they are erecting temples to baal

by Cindy Gore 3.30.16

Earlier this week, it was announced that a replica of the Entry archway for the Temple of Baal would be erected in Times Square, New York City, and one in Trafalgar Square in London. These temple arches are to be a facsimile of the Temple of Baal that was destroyed in Palmyra by ISIS in August 2015. Each of the Archways will stand about 50 ft. tall (the height of a five story building). Over the next few months, according to the New York Post, the Institute for Digital Archaeology hopes to erect over 1000 arches in cities around the globe. The structure in New York will be unveiled April 1 and will be the central focus point of the UNESCO World Heritage Week later in the month.

In order to understand the biblical significance of the placement of these structures, it is necessary to take a look back at what these arches represent. The original Baal worship actually began after the flood that we read about in Genesis 6. After the time of the flood, a great grandson of Noah's, named Nimrod came upon the earth and became a leader. He did not follow after God, but set out to form a new government, where he would lead. He set out to completely overthrow God's family oriented order and to build cities of oppression in the area. His establishment of an empire became the first government, and was called The New World (since the flood) Order. Nimrod was an evil man that was power hungry and his reputation became known as the man of blood. He was known as a powerful hunter- a hunter of people. It was Nimrod who was responsible for the establishment of the City of Babylon, and for the building of the Tower of Babel.

Nimrod built the Tower of Babel for several reasons. One of those was to show God that he was great, and man would succeed. Never again would they be flooded by water, because he planned to build the Tower large enough to be able to survive any flood. He did not know that God had already promised never to do that again. He also hoped to be able to worship the heavens. Nimrod also began Baal worship. The temple of Baal was used as a worship place for the people to pay homage to their god of Marduk (also called Baal and Apollo). The deity of Marduk was thought to be a god of the universe that could give them rain for their crops and fertility.

A typical ceremony that took place at the Temple of Baal included a large fire in the pot belly of the statue of Marduk that was erected in the temple. The fire was stoked, and people would come in and sacrifice their children. The children were thrown into the fire. While the scent of the human bodies filled the temple, the people would indulge in homosexual and bisexual acts in front of the statue. The adults gathered at the altar and performed various sexual acts in order to please the gods, and find favor, in hopes that the gods would bring rain and fertility to mother earth.

What does this have to do with end times?

Occultists today believe that Nimrod will be reincarnated to rule once again. Many secret societies that are now in practice come from this worship of Baal, and they are awaiting their god to make an appearance. They believe that this Nimrod will come again, and rule the world.

Many Bible scholars believe that this belief , and the Temple of Baal is connected somehow to the coming Antichrist.

These facts are very disturbing for those who know Bible prophecy. The "archway" is actually known as a "gateway", or "portal". Is it possible that these Archways are being used to usher in the Antichrist and Satan's evil? With abortions, and the sexual breakdown in society we now see, we really are not too far off from committing the same sins that they performed in the temples back then.

We know that in the end times, once the tribulation starts, the world will "shift" into a much more spiritual world than it is right now. The bible tells us that many will see angels flying through the air, and demons will roam the earth. Once the Holy Spirit is removed (by the rapture of the church), there will be nothing holding back the powers of darkness. Could these entryways be "welcome mats" for the evil that is to come? Could the New World Order that is talked about happening in the end times be connected with these structures?

You have to ask yourself why the world would need over 1000 Temples to Baal - the god of human sacrifice - around the world. I leave you with this thought... when the project was announced, they reported that the Arches were being built as a "gesture of defiance." Defiance to who I ask?

If you do not have a firm relationship with Jesus Christ, I beg you to surrender your heart to him. Things are getting darker by the day, and we are running out of time.