Metro Might Shut Down An Entire Rail Line For Maintenance

Metro might need to shut down an entire rail line for an extended period of time to conduct maintenance that couldn't be completed during nights and weekends, WMATA Board Chair Jack Evans said today at a meeting to celebrate the transit system's 40th anniversary and determine how to fix it.

The now-middle aged rail system has had well-documented issues that led to a system-wide shutdown for 29 hours earlier this month. The emergency investigation conducted during that time found more than two dozen defects, which were repaired, though Metro still doesn't know why cable fires persist.

Metro Chair Evans says an entire rail line -- such as Blue Line -- could be shut down for 6 months for maintenance. #WMATA #Metrosummit

— Robert McCartney (@McCartneyWP) March 30, 2016

Evans says at a minimum that segments of lines would be shut for extended periods. No other way to do needed repairs. #WMATA #Metrosummit

— Robert McCartney (@McCartneyWP) March 30, 2016

General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said he was considering the options, and hoped to have a decision about a prolonged closure within a month to six weeks, according to the Post,

Despite Evans bringing up the Blue Line as an example of such a closure, he told the Post that it remains to be determined which lines would be affected.

Such a move has precedent in other cities: Chicago shut down half of its Red Line for five months for a complete overhaul in 2013.

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