I got up this morning and looked through my news articles. I had several that made reference to the upcoming Green Moon. Green Moon I thought? Well, I've heard of Red Moon, Full Moon, Blue Moon....let's check this out. After listening to a video and reading, I realized what I had thought was true. It was a hoax. But meanwhile, thousands of people had clicked on the videos and articles, and products that were advertised on those sites were viewed.

The next news video came to me via my daughter from The Money GPS - Author Exposing the Truth - (Video Below). According to several articles mentioned, the "Run on the banks" that has been promised is about to hit.

Wait a minute? I thought the Shemitah year was last year. During last fall, the "great collapse" predicted was supposed to happen. I read books, viewed videos, and read news articles. I used to be licensed to sell Mutual Funds, and I spent 15 years in banking so the whole idea of an impending financial disaster intrigued me. I went so far as to download the stock market on my phone. I would often wake up in the middle of the night, and check to see how the overseas markets were doing - in anticipation of what "could" happen in the United States the following morning.

I became familiar with such terms as quantitative easing and bank bail ins. And I waited. September turned into October. October rolled into November. I listened to analysts who said we are going to suffer a great depression. I searched for prophets who may have a word from the Lord. I bought food and stored it in the cupboard. I wrote articles and posted them on Facebook trying to warn people that had money in the market. And I waited.

By spring of this year, I had quit checking the markets at night. I yawned as I read the (in my head) "doom and gloom" of those who said the sky is falling. I had done what millions of people have done. I had gone to sleep. Maybe it was just a 'Green Moon' ?

I began to feel like the Aesop's Fable- The Boy who Cried Wolf. I had allowed myself to become so desensitized to the cries of financial analysts that I became dangerous. I almost stopped caring. I watched Greece. I listened to Venezuela's plight. But the soft voice of denial wanted to lull me back to sleep.

Lately though, I have been shaken awake. I am back where I was last September. When I first got into this whole "looking for the rapture" thing, I remember making the statement- I would rather be a year early than a day late." That has stuck with me as these months have gone by. Right now, there's a spark inside of me that says "Cindy, wake up. " "Warn others." I am of the firm belief that it is not "if" an economic collapse will happen, but "When" will it happen. I don't have a lot of money. But I know people who do. And "a lot of money" is relative. Ask yourself the question, "Do I have funds in my possession that if the banks closed tomorrow and I could not get there, that I would still be able to buy the supplies I need to survive?"

I am here today to Cry Wolf. The Wolf is coming. I can not mention the name of the bank, but I know for a fact that the banks here have held drills for their employees to instruct them on what to do in a "bank emergency." Already, we have seen small steps being taken to protect the banks. These new "rules" are not to protect your money. Most people do not know, the Federal Reserve does not have the money that is on their books. If everyone went to the bank to withdraw their funds, the bank would not have enough. Banks order cash to replenish what they give out. They order it from a depository that must monitor how much is given out.

A cashless society will be a forced event that will take place because they do not have the cash to give everyone what is rightfully theirs. Eventually the banks will force people to surrender their cash, because they can then put money "back on the books" where it is easily manipulated to appear solvent.

Do not be one of those that you see on television, crying at the front doors of the bank while the guard tells you that they are closed. Do not wait for everyone else to wake up and realize that things are bad. 'WOLF....WOLF....WOLF"....What have you got to lose if you take out your funds now and stock your home for an emergency? WOLF... I SEE THE WOLF... Are you awake?

David Quintieri is a published economist and this is his recent video on the coming economic collapse.