Two dozen dead birds found along road in Chantilly; investigation launched

MY COMMENTARY: With all the pollutants in the air, I'm not surprised the "canary in the coal mine" is dead! With the chem trails, Fukushima radiation, methane, our own nuclear power plant leaks, I can see why these birds died. Of course, they will tell you they don't know the cause because they don't want you to be aware that all these things are killing you. I posted an article, actually several articles over time, that proves what I'm saying is true.

Two dozen dead birds, believed to be European starlings, were found Friday along a road in the Chantilly area of Fairfax County.

No cause could be determined for the deaths of the birds found near Avion Parkway and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway.

Nothing suggested that the deaths were the result of malice, but the birds appear to be among the most unwelcome of creatures, often because of the wastes they leave in trees and on buildings.

Although large numbers of dead starlings are found throughout the area from time to time, starlings represent a story of startling multiplicative power. Sixty were introduced to this country in 1890, and, by 2000, their number was more than 200 million. The deaths will be investigated.

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