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EU: Turkish invasion continues

The Foreign Ministry lashed out at Turkey, with emergency memos and strict messages for the continuing challenges and military flights over the Aegean, according to diplomatic sources. Turkish violations of national airspace continued on Wednesday for a third straight day. The Chief of Defence, Evangelos Apostolakis also reported the issue saying "We have learned to manage these issues, we hope to overcome them". Specifically the Turkish fighters flew over: Oinousses at 8:33, at 8.44 and 8.54 (in 5500, to 22,500 and 25,500 feet respectively) and above the Panagia at 9:12 at 9:24 and at 9:30 (30,000 and 26,000 feet). The two Turkish fighter left the Athens FIR at 9:31 north of Chios. Turkish aircraft were intercepted and identified in accordance with international rules and established practices. The Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, assured that whatever enters the Aegean is intercepted, and further he stated that Greece has complained to both NATO and the EU about the Turkish provocations, in military terms. In cooperation with the prime minister and the foreign ministry policy initiatives will be taken in order allies to intervene with Turkey, in order to stop challenges.

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