Mercury-Mars-Saturn Resonance Causes Large Earthquakes

As forewarned in two forecast videos here and here, the Mars-Saturn resonance would start affecting the Moon on April 13. On that day at 13:55 UTC a 6.9 magnitude earthquake occurred in Myanmar while that side of Earth was facing the Moon and the powerful resonance, as shown in the image below. A few hours later a 5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred in Mindanao, Philippines.

There was a specific warning for April 14 and 15 because of an amplified resonance coming from Venus which was caught in two alignments on the 14th. This amplified resonance affected Mercury, which in turn amplified the resonance with Mars going alongside Earth. This was explained in detail in the video. The influence of this amplification on the 14th resulted in three magnitude 6 earthquakes, two of which occurred in Kyushu, Japan at 12:26 and 15:03. The other occurred in Vanuatu at 21:50, which was already hit by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake which occurred at 12:17, only nine minutes before seismic increase started in Japan.

The image below was taken at 12:55 UTC illustrating the increase in seismic activity in the West Pacific.

The 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Vanuatu at 21:50 (now revised to 6.3), occurred while this side of Earth had rotated to the Mercury-Mars resonance.

A day later, on April 15 at 14:11 a 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Guatemala, while this side of Earth was facing the Mercury-Mars resonance again.

Then, also on the 15th at 16:25, a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred once more at Kyushu, Japan and we see the same situation with the Moon over this side of Earth while being amplified by Mars and Saturn.

On the 16th at 23:58 UTC a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred at the coast of Ecuador. This area was forewarned in February because of the long absence of larger movement. Again we see the influence of Mars and Saturn while the Moon was over this side of Earth.

Because of these resonances close to Earth formed by Mercury, Mars and Saturn and subsequent amplification by the Moon, a warning was issued that the period from April 13 to 25 would be seismically more active with more earthquakes and higher magnitudes.

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