I have a confession. I worked for Disney. Actually, I was a contract trainer for their Credit Union. What a great job. What a happy place. The walls were decorated with Disney paintings. The desks were trimmed with Mickey statues. My daughter also worked there, as a bank phone employee. One of the perks of her job was that she received Disney passes for the family.

We lived in Orlando for one year. During that time, we went to Disney as often as most people go to the park down the street. What would cost a normal family of 5 a thousand dollars, we did at the drop of a hat - just because we were bored with nothing to do. We would wander to the parks and spend a few hours just to kill time. I still to this day have a Mickey Mouse phone case on my phone. We were living the fun life.

I was a Christian at this time. We were careful to stay away from the "bad" Disney movies- you know the ones that would scare kids. We went to the happy places. We knew Downtown Disney better than most people know their hometowns.

It was "cool" to work at Disney. We were part of the "cool " people. I was so sad when my contract came to an end, and my days at Disney were over. Right before we left Florida, the scales began to fall from our eyes about Disney. We found out things about the behind the scenes workings of Disney that frankly, I didn't want to know. I always wondered why I saw no trash trucks, or delivery wagons. There is actually an entire city under ground. I knew people that worked under ground. They never saw the light of day. After the park closed, they came up and scurried around ensuring that the visit for the guests the next day would be seamless. But then I began to hear stories of people who lived down there. Employees that were paid so minimally that they were homeless. But, that's an article for a different day. Even to this day, I feel like I'm breaking some Mouse code by even talking about that.

Today I want to talk about the underground culture of Disney. After we moved from Orlando, to small town America on the Outer Banks, my eyes were opened to things that were going on. I began researching and came across videos on line that began to expose television. That's another article kicking it's way through my brain. As I began to pray, and research programming, I began to see the evil being presented.

I remember the day I saw my first "Disney" video exposing the pornography and filth that is in their programming. I literally could not watch the video all the way through. Certainly this was not what they really meant to do. I had looked at pictures before and thought, "oh I wonder if they know that looks like...." Well, my education brought me knowledge. And my knowledge brought me sadness.

My Disney dream died. One by one, we began throwing out Disney movies. I was crushed. It reminded me of when I first became a Christian, and I had to throw away Emerson Lake and Palmer, Mountain and other true rock band records. (Yes records). I couldn't sell them. Even as a young Christian, I knew they were bad. Well, now I was faced with telling my grandchildren that the shows they had been watching, and enjoying were evil.

I began watching with a different eye. When Sophia came on, I noticed for the first time that there was a witch that would cast a spell on things. Sophia herself wore a special amulet necklace to give her powers. Drats. That one had to go. I began to see -there is an agenda. Little Mermaid- she is half animal. Drats. She had to go. One by one, as I really watched them, I knew. There was a battle for their minds.

Thankfully (in my mind) Frozen was not "one of those." I loved that movie. Yes, I loved that movie. I have probably watched it 30 times. I laugh every time at that funny little snowman. I love watching his little head on upside down. Certainly there can't be anything wrong with that. God, please don't make me give up Frozen.

I can honestly say, I never saw anything wrong. I'm a mature Christian. I seek God. And I was blind.

Today, news came out of a girlfriend for Elsa. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! This can't be. As I spoke to my daughter about it she said , "I've been waiting for this. " She related a story of a fellow employee at Disney that said that the Frozen song (that I know by heart) was actually written with the gay/transgender agenda in mind and they went with it as her theme song. My heart sank. Do you mean that this reeling in of the millions in the first movie with the cute little snowman with the upside down head is actually a deliberate agenda to hook up Elsa with a lady friend in the next movie? Could they really be doing that?

I'm mourning today. I looked at the words to the song differently today. I'm not some person who has just easily said "Oh Disney is bad." No. It has been a journey for me. It is a journey to truth that I am committed to because of my love of Jesus Christ and his righteousness.

There was a day when I didn't know. But today I do. And now, I am responsible for what I know. Today, all Disney movies leave our home. My heart chooses whom I will serve. He has shown me truth, and now I am responsible for it. And, if you've made it to the end of this article, now you know too.

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