In 1989, the Star Ship Enterprise came to face what would be one of it's more dangerous enemies. The Borg. Millions watched each week over the next few years, as the Borg threatened the takeover of humanity and eventually captured the Captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Piccard. Almost everyone who ever watched the show remember the line 'RESISTANCE IS FUTILE". The concept was scary-fascinating to most.

Flash forward 25 years. A little known story that came out only a few weeks ago told of a cyber attack that was successful against Bangladesh's central bank in which 80 Million dollars was stolen from their Federal Reserve Account. The attackers were able to exploit a "zero-day" flaw by installing malware into the system and steal from the highly sophisticated SWIFT system. It was only due to a typo by one of the hackers on an on-line banking transfer form that stopped the theft from becoming one of over a billion dollars. It was only recently that I began to understand how prevalent these attacks are. One day I came across the Norse attack map. As I opened it up, I thought I had stepped into an on-line game. Blinking lights and shooting arrows showed attack origins and targets all over the world. (http://map.norsecorp.com/#/) That was the first time that I understood just how real threats are to our security.

It is a well known fact that security must continue to evolve as the crooks get smarter. Advances are made daily to try to secure information and keep it safe. One of the companies that offer such protection refer to the "Cloud". The cloud is a network of servers where information is stored and can be accessed when needed. Every electronic device that we now have utilizes the cloud system. The artificial intelligence basically "lives" within the system, sorting and sifting every key stroke and every thought captured. Our phones can not possibly handle all the data within itself, so the information is "beamed up" into the cloud. Our pictures, our texts, our conversations--all stored by the cloud.

Last year, a big controversy came out for movie stars when nude photographs taken from their phones were made public. This indiscretion happened because someone got access to "the cloud" and was able to distribute the photos. These types of security breeches are daily. Those who work with the cloud data must find ways to allow the data to be stored, but only accessed by the one that is the legal owner of the material. One of the ideas that has been thought of is to have our cell phone "chip" directly planted into us, so that any information that we have can be stored. A Chip would then be placed in the individual that would match the DNA or data to allow access so that security can be insured. This voice recognition, facial recognition and fingerprint ID would be used to allow you access to your information stored.

The White House has recently announced that AI can help make our information more secure. G-7 just met in March to discuss internet security for these technologies. In addition, these internet hubs can make dramatic improvements in the fight against cancer, mental health, environment and can be used for the smart city technology. The information stored in the cloud can be used to further the smart plan goals that have been laid out. Soon, medical records, personal likes and dislikes, and possible future health problems will all be accessible on the internet. They will have the technology to predetermine what diseases you may be prone to. This scanning that will be available will be able to monitor people's brain waves and do psychological profiling as well. Information will be used to determine who is more apt to commit a crime, or have thoughts that would be deemed inappropriate. People will be able to access psychology helps and receive drugs through the system to help fight things such as bipolar disease, depression and other diseases. GPS devices will be part of the implant, so that people can be tracked wherever they go. (Never lose your loved one again!)

What is being sold as a way to help store information and protect it is actually a plan to integrate us all into a place where scanning and diagnosis can lead to everlasting life. This network will be able to treat people physically and mentally via AI technology and drugs being put into a system as needed. I have to pause here and say, do you ask - Who would fall for this? And then I realize - I have an autistic granddaughter. I have watched her suffer for years with the most simple of tasks. If I did not understand the agenda behind this, if I did not understand how evil this is - and someone offered me the chance to have her "normal" just by implanting a chip that could monitor her - would I take it?That is what they are counting on. People do not want to see their loved ones' suffer. If someone is promising a cure for MS, or cancer, or autism, or ? - wouldn't people stand in line ?

The first step of control is to sell us to the idea. The idea is that our data will be more secure. Our health will be improved. Our diseases and frailties will be minimized. And our lives will be prolonged. All we have to do is allow ourselves to become part of the network. This people, is the mark of the beast talked about in Revelation 13. The technology is here, and right before us. No one is advertising it as Satan himself, introducing us to a Borg like existence. What was a fun television show 30 years ago is now becoming reality in the world we live in. You need to be aware. Take the time to research the AI technology. Read the bible, do your homework. Do not fall for the devices now being put out there. We are in a battle for our very lives. This is only the beginning... Soon, the technology will be every day life, and "resistance will be futile."


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