Wow: A Federal Judge Just Ruled That Obamacare Spending Is Unconstitutional

In a blow to President Obama's signature legislative accomplishment, a U.S. District Judge has just ruled that the Obama administration is unconstitutionally spending money to fund Obamacare.

Fox News reports:

A federal judge ruled Thursday for House Republicans in a challenge brought against the Obama administration over the legality of certain spending under ObamaCare.


The ruling Thursday marks a win for House Republicans who brought the politically charged legal challenge, and a legal setback for the administration.

“Today’s ruling that President Obama has once again overstepped his constitutional authority should come as no surprise, as this has been the administration’s pattern over the past 7 and a half years,” a spokesman with the National Republican Congressional Committee said in a statement.

Judge Collier has not yet halted the unconstitutional reimbursements, and they will continue pending an appeal.

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