Last week, I read that Bruce Caitlyn Jenner had announced that s(he) was going to pose nude for Sports Illustrated. My understanding was, s(he) was only to be wearing the medal Bruce won in the Olympics years ago and an American Flag.

Late last week, I read that Caitlyn is miserable, and friends close to her (him) (I'm having trouble with the pronouns here) report that Caitlyn is considering transitioning back to Bruce soon.

I feel nothing but grief and sadness for this person. Before you jump all over me with rants of how "he" she deserves it...let's take a look at what has taken place.

Bruce was a hero. He was on the Wheaties Box. He accomplished something in the Olympics that very few do. Years later, he married into the Kardashian family - instantly putting him in a spotlight of wealth, and crazy. Coincidentally, Bruce announced his transition to a female right at the beginning of the "trans" craze that we now find ourselves in. I wonder if there are those who seized the opportunity for a poster child and pushed a vulnerable person into a life changing decision. When he first "came out", we watched with morbid fascination at changes that we saw taking place.

Now, we are one year from his transition. My understanding is, he has had several painful facial surgeries, and breast implants. I also understand that he has not had any male organs removed. Can you go with me there for just one minute? Imagine the confusion his brain must face each and every day as he looks in the mirror. Towel up, I'm a man. Towel down, I'm a woman. How hard must it be to tuck things into panties, put on makeup and heels and try to pull off the impossible each day. No matter how many dresses he wears, lipsticks he tries, or curls put in his hair, the fact is - his "genes" and his jeans say he's still a man.

He can have parts rearranged, cut off, stitched up, or cut open. The bottom line is, he is a man. Why do I know that? Because I know the secret. I know what his doctors have not told him. I know what the tabloids won't tell him. Ready for the secret? GOD CREATED THEM. MALE ...AND FEMALE. That was two individuals. One male. One female. Our DNA's are different.

I failed biology in Junior High. But I am smart enough to know- men have larger hands. Men have wider shoulders. Men have calves that are larger. Men think differently. I've been married. I would have paid good money to get my husband to "think more like a woman at times." No. He was a problem solver - not an emoter of "feelings". No man will ever be able to become a woman. They are unable to think like us. We are wired differently.

Poor Bruce Jenner is now trapped - half man. Half female. And all confused. Where does he go from here? He is now laughed at, pitied and scorned. He has allowed himself to become a circus act - entering women's restrooms and bragging about it. Threatening to pose nude. Wake up Bruce. We are not laughing with you.

Surprisingly, I have nothing but pity for this man. He does not know who he is. He thought he was a man. He jumped higher, ran faster, and threw longer than all males in the competition. Then, he decided, that was not enough. Maybe he was female? So he chiseled, and sculptured and changed to look like a woman. But the bottom line is, he's still "attracted to women", and so now he's not sure. He was unable to "think " like a woman. So now what? He may transition back. He has to look in the mirror each day and ask, which part goes?

The reason for this confusion is simple. He has not looked to his creator for his identity. Whether he looked to Olympics, or fame, or money or prestige- nothing bought him what money can't buy. Only a relationship with the creator can help us to find our true identity, because our identity is in Christ.

Mistaken identity is not about our identity at all. We can either ask God to show us who we are, or we can have the world tell us who they think we are. It's about identifying Jesus Christ as the creator, and then asking him - "Lord, help me to see myself as you see me." My prayer today for Mr. Jenner is before he has anything cut off, he will stop at the foot of the cross and ask God- Who am I? Who do you say I am? and he will learn the secret of success. Let's hope that he lingers long enough to feel the arms of Christ begin to heal.