What was advertised as the largest ever train tunnel opening this week has turned into one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies to ever be held. This week in Switzerland, the Gotthard Train Tunnel was officially opened. It is a tunnel that is the largest underground tunnel ever constructed. It is over a mile below the ground and extends from Switzerland to Germany,- a total of over 35 miles. The project took over 17 years to complete.

Leader Angela Merkel, the President of France, and the Leader of Italy joined thousands of others to watch the opening ceremonies. Ceremonies were held indoors in the tunnel, and another show outside.

I have written several articles about how the spiritual world impacts the physical world. Nothing is by happenstance, and messages are spread through theater, music, dance and song. This is no exception. The ceremony that took place had a message that even the naive found very alarming.

The ceremony began with a parade of zombie like workers arriving, in orange jumpsuits, marching in to the stage area. As I watched the videos that are available on line, I was able to witness what the audience found so disturbing. There was a theatrical production that depicted not only the opening of the tunnel, but actually an opening of the abyss, and Satan appearing. I will note that this ceremony took place only miles from the famous CERN building. CERN, as many know, have been working for years to connect with dark matter, and open a portal where "they can welcome whatever would like to come out".

The ceremony was filled with occult symbols and depicted the story of the portal being opened., The "all seeing eye" was depicted as swallowing up the "angel like characters" while many chanted and encouraged the prince of darkness to make his appearance. The screen lit up with a picture of Satan and the baphomet (the Satanic goathead) emerged. The next few minutes were of the baphomet goat shrieking as it made it's way around the stage before grabbing one of the women veiled creatures and wrapping her in a cocoon type stance. Later in the program, it showed her pregnant, and then giving birth to a clone of herself.

The entire show shocked all that were there, and today, videos and pictures are circulating the internet. So what was this about? Was this just an innocent opening ceremony produced by someone with a vivid imagination? Or was it truly announcing to the world that Satan is about to be unleashed. The entire stage was framed with actors with large brass trumpets paying homage to the goat as it danced around.

To those that are watching, it is very disturbing to see how blatant the enemy is getting with announcing his presence here on earth. We are racing toward the time the bible teaches as the tribulation. The enemy is announcing his arrival and the joining of the spiritual and natural world.

By Cindy Gore/ WGON op ed writer 6.3.16

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