With the destruction of the family unit, with transgender, gay marriage, abortion, divorce, absent parents, and the persecution of Christians, we see Satan’s work progressing as he planned. The reason he has honed in on the family unit is because it’s a reflection of our relationship with Jesus. So, he must destroy it.

Christianity is the root to all his problems….destroy it, and he’s wounded Jesus. Political correctness, is a major tool for him to win over those who are too afraid to stand up for Christ. They don’t want to be viewed as a bigot or a hater.

The war on Christians is also “global,” some “200 million Christians in the world today who are daily at risk of physical assault, arrest, imprisonment, torture or death.” This written by John L. Allen in his book, The Global War on Christians.

Breit Bart interviewed Mr. Allen in March 2016 stated: “Allen, who owns and runs Crux, a Catholic news agency offering reporting and analysis on the Catholic Church, said that what makes Christian persecution unique is that it is a “singularly untold story, particularly in the West.” It is easier for people to get their minds around “the fact that Jews might be oppressed, or that gays might be oppressed, than to understand that Christians can actually be the victims of persecution,” he said. John Allen goes on to say, “one casualty either every five minutes or every hour, of every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” This is an astounding statistic. Do we see any of this in the western news media? NO! Do we see it starting here in America? YES. We are not murdered yet. We aren’t beat up or tortured yet, however, we are seeing the beginning of Americans ranking among their brothers and sisters in the 105 nations who persecute Christians, out of 190 nations in the world.

With the current Christianaphobia in America, we’ve seen people who have chosen to follow their faith rather than buckle under the evil government’s agenda lose their businesses, homes, sued and their lives threatened by those who go along with the gay marriage, transgender agenda. There are very few cases where arrest has taken place as was the case in Kentucky. We’ve seen preachers having to turn in their sermons to a gay mayor of a Texas city because they refused to turn on Jesus’ teachings. Don’t forget to add to the list of US Christianaphobia, that our schools will not allow a bible to be opened on school property, but they give Islam a prayer room for their daily prayers. Don’t forget, also, the children who are homeschooled because their parents do not want their children taught the filth being taught in today's schools or the indoctrination of their kids to Islam. Those same homeschooled kids are slowly finding themselves being taken away from their parents on bogus charges just to keep them out of the reach of Christianity. It’s still early for us in the United States, but it’s playing catch up to the rest of the world in it’s persecution of Christians.

In 2012 the Telegraph reported: Between August and October of 2008, Hindu hardliners in the eastern state of Orissa murdered at least 90 people, displaced 50,000, and attacked 170 churches and chapels. This disaster was not unexceptional. The Telegraph goes on to report: Elsewhere, the culprits include not only Communists, but also Buddhist nationalists in countries such as Burma and Sri Lanka. The scale of Communist intolerance is a matter of record. Curbs on freedom of worship in countries including China, Vietnam and Cuba are draconian and sometimes exceptionally sadistic. According to David Alton, a crossbench peer who campaigns on religious freedom, told The Guardian in July 2015, “Whatever the real figures the scale is enormous. From Syria, Iraq, Iran and Egypt to North Korea, China, Vietnam and Laos, from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, from Cuba, Colombia and Mexico to Eritrea, Nigeria and Sudan, Christians face serious violations of religious freedom,” I think he may have to one day soon, amend that list to include the US.

We know how much Christians are martyred in the Middle East by Islam. Copts have been persecuted by the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East with around 600,000 fleeing their own countries for safety. Before East Timor gained independence from Indonesia, 100,000 Catholic non-combatants were killed by agents of the Suharto government between the 1970s and the 1990s, reports the Telegraph in Oct. 2012.

There are so many accounts of Christian persecution that it would take a book to write it all, but remember the 270 Nigerian schoolgirls?

270 Nigerian school girls Boko Haram captured as sex slaves and wives

The growing number of captured young boys, women and girls adds to Boko Haram's more terrifying and violent attacks. According to U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the group has killed more than 10,000 people in the year of 2015. Remember the execution of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya

21 Coptic Christian as they were being lined up for beheading

Let's not forget the killing of 147 people in a university in Northern Kenya in April of 2015. Islam is the worse of all the persecutors of this world. They are demonic in nature. They have no conscience.

So, why do I tell you all this? Because so many people believe we Christians are not having any persecution at all. That we are the trouble makers. I do not recall reading any articles saying Christians did a mass murder. Oh, sure, they will label a shooter as a “Christian”, but that’s because they want to discredit Christians. The person who goes out and murders even one person, is NOT a Christian. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves, so how would one murder a neighbor if they wouldn't murder themselves? So, anyone claiming to be a Christian and commits a murder is NOT a Christian by biblical standards. Many times, a person is labeled a “Christian” because they are not Muslim or Jewish, so they must be Christian. Anything to put a blemish on Christ.

Satan is a raging lion out to devour Christians because Christians means they are “Christ-like” and Satan hates Christ. So, kill all the Christians to be free of Christ on earth. All those people who are deceived by his political correctness, his new age church, his all inclusive agenda, his gay marriage, transgender acceptance, and the sacrifice of 65 million babies to him, Satan, are all helping him and will all join him in eternal fire!! We Christians are to be the salt and light of this world and Satan is from the dark side. He hates the light of God! He will do what ever it takes to extinguish that light. When Jesus commanded us to not let any man deceive us, or “be not deceived”, this is one of the reasons. When we fall for all these agenda’s of Satan, we are allowing ourselves to be deceived. I pray if you are part of the new age movement, political correctness, accepting of all sins, then I pray you will repent and come to Christ while you can. The path you are on now, will lead you straight to eternal damnation with Satan. You will be forgiven if you only ask Jesus and come to be a part of His body. For soon, true Christians, will be able to escape all the things that is coming upon the earth, if only they are accounted worthy by Jesus..

Luke 21:36 'Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.'

Rev. 3:10: Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Story by Linda Kirby WGON 6/19/16