Clinton best friend: Hillary secret has D.C. 'scared to death'

Hillary Clinton is seeking the presidency because of her insatiable quest for power, but she is both ethically and medically unfit for office – and she knows dark secrets that have Washington politicians “scared to death of her” – according to Bill Clinton’s former lover who is now the author of an explosive new book.

Dolly Kyle is a former attorney who dated Bill Clinton in high school and carried on an affair with the future president both before and after Clinton married Hillary Rodham and until Clinton ran for president in 1992.

Kyle told WND and Radio America she has since repented of her actions with Clinton, but she said her experience with Hillary convinces her America cannot afford to choose her in November.

“She is motivated by her power addiction. She has always wanted to be the first woman president. It really doesn’t matter to her how she gets there,” said Kyle, who is author of the new book, “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir.”

Kyle said she had no intention of becoming a figure in the 2016 campaign, but Hillary forced her hand late last year.

“I did not want to write this book, but the last straw was watching Hillary on television last December, looking into the camera and saying very sincerely that women who claimed to be raped and sexually assaulted deserve to be believed,” Kyle explained.

“I thought, ‘You lying hypocrite!’ Yeah, sure. We need to support them unless it was your husband who raped them and it was your husband who sexually assaulted them,” she added.

Kyle said Hillary embodies everything Americans don’t want in their next president.

“This is a very angry, mean, lying, vindictive woman who is temperamentally unstable. This is why she can’t have a press conference. Have we heard anything from her in more than six months? No. Everything has to be scripted and controlled,” said Kyle, who said Bill and Hillary Clinton are at polar opposites of the charisma scale.

Major media have largely ignored Kyle’s book, but one account from it is gaining some traction after WND’s explosive story, “Hillary horror! ‘Get those f-ing retards out of here,” which was read by nearly a half-million people. The story recounts then-Arkansas first lady Hillary Clinton’s reaction to developmentally challenged children taking part in an Easter egg hunt at the governor’s mansion in Little Rock. Kyle was there.

“Those children were having a fabulous time, but they were moving very, very slowly and it was annoying the Me-First Lady,” Kyle said. “She went up and [spoke] to one of the troopers. The story diverges as to whether the mic was open or whether she was yelling so loud it was heard everywhere. She said, ‘When are they going to get these f—ing retards out of here?'”

Kyle’s relationship with Bill Clinton ended abruptly when scandal began to engulf his presidential campaign.

“The same reporter who had just published the story about Gennifer Flowers contacted me and left a message on my answering machine. He said they had researched my story and they were going to go with it. I called Billy to warn him,” Kyle said.

“Instead of taking that for the straight-up truth of I was just calling to warn him this was happening, he took it as some sort of a threat and retaliated with, ‘If you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you.’ That pretty much ended our relationship.”

In addition to being deeply wary of Hillary Clinton’s character, Kyle said she also sincerely believes the former secretary of state is mentally unfit for office.

“Hillary is cognitively impaired,” she said. “I set forth some of the symptoms of cognitive impairment as laid out on the website of the Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention]. Then I show how Hillary fits into this. People, pay attention: We have someone who is mentally incapable of running her own household, much less running the White House.”

Of course, critics of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump also assert that his character, including a philandering past and many questions about his truthfulness, is disqualifying. Kyle isn’t a Trump fan, but she is having no problem deciding who to vote for.

“Donald Trump was not my first choice, but I do believe he is our last hope,” Kyle said.

Should Hillary become the 45th president, Kyle said the first thing she will expect is an IRS audit. Beyond that, she said the Clintons’ improper possession of FBI files during Bill Clinton’s presidency has career politicians shaking in their boots.

“That’s how she has intimidated all those people in Washington,” Kyle said. “They don’t know if they’re one of the 900 whose files she had. Anyone in Washington who is a longtime career politician and has a secret is scared to death of her. And it’s not going to get any better if she has more power.”

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