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Russian rampage Vladimir Putin to send Russia’s largest warship to Syria to destroy ISIS once and fo

The Russian president is to dispatch the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier plus 30 jet fighters and attack helicopters to the war-torn country in an attempt to destroy the terror group for good.

The Kremlin strongman’s decision came in the wake of ISIS atrocities in Bangladesh – where it murdered 20 hostages in a restaurant in the capital Dhaka – and Baghdad, Iraq, where a car bomb killed 125 shoppers.

The 55,000 tonne ship will be deployed in the region from October until January, a military source informed TASS.

The vessel is expected to arrive in the Med this Autumn, where it will liaise with land-based Russian forces already deployed in the region.

The Admiral Kuznetsov will be packed with warplanes and attack choppers.

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