WARNING: Boy Loses 75% Of Eyesight After Playing With Common Toy…SPREAD THIS!

Kids sometimes do things that may result in scrapes and bruises as they run around exploring the world around them. They’re not always aware of the dangers in their surroundings which could turn a game into a trip to the hospital.

Alarmingly, one seemingly innocent toy in particular has sent a lot of kids to the doctor with symptoms of blindness. Now optometrists are warning parents about the irreversible damage to eyesight caused by a toy that thousands of children play with every day.

Laser pointers can be loads of fun when playing with the family pet or pretending to shoot beams into the night sky. However, they can also cause serious damage when shining the light directly into the eyes. Parents are finding out the hard way when their children begin to complain of problems with their vision after playing with a laser pointer.

Angela Marshall’s 8-year-old son, Johnny, was at his sister’s school fair when he saw a laser pen in a vendor booth. After some begging and pleading, his parents bought him the toy. Once home, the curious boy decided to shine the light into his eyes leaving him with a thermal burn and a permanently damaged retina.

In another case, a 14-year-old Tasmanian boy was left with only 25% of 20/20 vision after he briefly shone a laser pen into his eyes. The light penetrated deep into the back of his eyes burning each of his retinas.

Neither of these children experienced any pain at the time of their injuries.

Optometrists are growing concerned at the number of children they’re treating for eye injuries due to the inexpensive and readily available laser pointer. The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health considers lasers within a 3-5 milliwatt range to be within the federal safety limits.

It is recommended to check the origin of these type of toys. Some are imported and, therefore, considered class 3B which is a 5-500 milliwatt range. These types of lasers can act as torches causing irreversible damage to the eye in a fraction of a second from as far as 328 feet away.

When using a laser pointer, it’s very important for parents to supervise their children very carefully and warn them to never point them directly into their own or anyone else’s eyes.

Watch the video below to find out how powerful these lasers can actually be!

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