America, Land of Lawlessness

The USA is no longer a nation based on the rule of law. This is something that keeps our country great and free. We know that all people will fall under the law so we are free to live our lives knowing that if someone breaks the law, they will be prosecuted. The law was set up to protect us from the common criminal and the elite criminal. However, we have learned that the law does not apply to the elite. We all have seen this off and on for decades but to have the head of the FBI confirm we are no longer a nation under the law, is mind blowing.

Up to this point, we have said OJ is above the law, or Nixon or Bill Clinton is above the law, none of them spent time in jail for their particular crime for which they were accused. However, with Comey’s declaration that Hillary Clinton will not be charged with breaking the law when just before that statement, he made a great case for her lawlessness, we see that the law was written for everyone but the elite. We also see, clearly, that this nation is no longer a nation of law. No more speculation, guesswork, or just angry speech, this is now fact.

Anyone who’s ever been in the “classified community” all know the routine, the law, the limits, the demand to protect the classified documents of which they handle. Yet, this lawyer, the once Secretary of State, felt she was above our laws and could do as she wished. Well, seems she was right.

The director said she had no “intent”. In other words, she never intended to cause harm. That has nothing to do with it in this context….the issue is, the law says the document can not be taken from it’s source. Comey essentially admitted that Hillary violated federal law. As he said, “Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way, or a second statute making it a misdemeanor to knowingly remove classified information from appropriate systems or storage facilities.” That statement right there tells you she broke the law. However, because she is the choice for president among the rulers of this world, the “elitists”, she will slide, yet again, when anyone not in their club would be jailed immediately...and have!! By having 2 sets of rules, it’s leads us into a nation ruled by a dictator, totalitarianism.

So, who would vote for a liar, a traitor, a law breaker? The same people who voted for Obama the second time around….the uninformed, brainwashed, unintelligent, narrow minded, feminist, sheep. Mark my words, and I’ve been saying this ever since I heard George Soros say Hillary will be the next president. Who is George Soros? For those who do not know who this outlaw is, he’s one of the elitist who rules this world. He runs the US and many other countries. He’s the same person who paid the “Black Lives Matters” rioters to loot and burn down Baltimore and Ferguson. He’s one of the kind of people Hillary is.

All illusion is gone now. No longer are we under the rule of law thus, anything goes for those in DC. Expect a horrible 4 yrs. when Hillary Clinton gets into office. You think it’s been bad since Obama has been in office? Just wait….you “ain’t seen nuttin yet”!!


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