Dallas protesters 'laughing and dancing' 'while officers mourn'

Twitter on Friday was alive with commentary and video clips about the overnight Dallas shooting of 12 police officers, including one brief clip posted on a pro-Donald Trump site that seemed to show protesters in the streets, milling before a line of law enforcement agents – smiling, joking and laughing.

Initially, 11 officers were reportedly shot, five of whom died. But Friday, CNN cited the Dallas mayor as confirming five officers were killed, seven more injured, and two civilians also hurt.

The video of one scene of the shooting’s aftermath was a news clip from Fox News, and it was posted on the Vote Trump 2016 Twitter page, which has a handle of @USAforTrump2016, beneath the text: “This is disgusting … #BLM thugs flashing gang signs, laughing and dancing … while officers mourn.”

The clip shows a group of men and women congregating and wandering near a line of police officers, one of whom is wearing a black shirt marked “Dallas Police,” and smiling, laughing and joking. The scene caught the attention of the Fox News anchor who asked, from her remote location: “Have you had a chance to talk to folks? Are they waiting for a ride, are they gathering? … You also see people really excited in the back of this shot.”

Other voices on Twitter reacted to President Obama’s response to the Dallas shootings.

One wrote: “#POTUS did not disappoint! He is already blaming #Dallas #sniper incident on powerful weapons. This is a #pattern, folks.”

And another: “Obama blames racism when state kills people. Obama blames guns when people kill the state. (Spoiler: He’s trying to disarm you!)”

Another agreed with the gun control message, and tweeted: “You allow people to buy guns like they’d buy toys and wonder why gun violence is a problem. #Dallas.”

Still another commented on what the local police chief described as “ambush-style” shootings from a well-trained sniper, and said: “The #Dallas shooters were moving in a far too professional manner. They were covering each other with suppressive fire.”

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