What is a false flag? The definition means a covert operation that is designed in such a way that it appears that it is being carried out by an entity, group or nation other than who actually planned it.

This is a hard article to write, because it is going to shake the thinking of anyone who reads it. I feel the need to "plant the seed" though, because I want you to be aware of things going on so you can be informed with what is coming.

Did you ever wonder why we don't get daily reports of crimes and shootings in Chicago? There have been over 2000 murders there this year. Yet, I can not tell you the last time one of those made the news. Why not? Who chooses what is nationally reported? In order to make national news, there must be a reason. Death in itself is not a reason - if it does not serve a bigger plan, it is not reported.

Reading and understanding the news is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Nothing is as it seems. There are layers of news. A false flag occurs when an event is either allowed or encouraged to take place to further an agenda other than what is out there. Sometimes, these "false flags" are actually staged events, and nothing really happens. Other times, people really die. Always, the stories are convoluted and the stories seem to change daily, until people lose interest and move on.

Let's back up to the shooting in Orlando a month ago. What can you remember? If I were to put together a series of questions, most everyone would get several wrong, because the story has changed so many times. Was there more than one gunman? Was SWAT advised not to enter the building? Where did the girlfriend go? There are so many unanswered questions. I don't know to this day if a real event took place or not. Like most, the next news story came so fast, I wasn't able to follow the trail to the truth.

But what did come out of the incident? Immediately, tougher gun laws were brought about. Allah Akbar was barred from news. Gays were embittered and angry. Bitter feelings are still in the air.

Last night, in Dallas, police were shot down. First reports said multi gunmen, skilled marksmen, firing from rooftops. Police set up in an ambush of assassination. And what do we hear? "The gunman shouted, I wanted to kill whites." and "we need tougher gun laws."

Real people died. Good family men, leaving behind wives, mothers and fathers, children and countless others. Our hearts are torn up for this seemingly senseless act.

How dare the "conspiracy theorists" come out and suggest that something like this could have been a "false flag". Surely, there are not groups or individuals that are purposely trying to start trouble are there? We do not know yet if it was or wasn't, but I see a bigger picture here that I don't like. Blacks vs. whites. Guns vs. no guns. Police vs. civilians. Fear. Division. Chaos.

It strains our sanity to even think that some events like this could be brought about on purpose for a deliberate plan that is far more reaching than the shooting that happened. What if there was an agenda that was bigger? What if someone or some group was deliberately trying to cause racial riots and chaos, and confusion? What if it was a government plot to upset things to the point where there would be no election? What if the agenda of getting the guns from the American people necessitated a series of gun incidents to prove that something must be done?

Why? Why on earth would a government agency or faction want to deliberately take down our government? Harm us sweet citizens who love this country?

The answer is, the rabbit hole goes deeper than most know. This is not about a lone gunman. This is an agenda by a corrupt world system that is bound and determined to bring down America and other countries so that it can usher in a New World Order. As hard a pill as that is to swallow, gulp we must. Because the writing on the wall is getting more pronounced .

I read last year that by summer of this year, America would start to see civil unrest, racial wars, and chaos. Eventually, it would lead to martial law.

I want you to start watching these events and try to look larger. Step outside of your emotions and ask questions- what agenda is served by this being done?

We had two senseless killings of black men this week. And it led to a horrific scene in Dallas. This is the beginning. The puppet master behind the scenes is orchestrating this mess, and we are being led along - too much in shock to realize it is deliberate.

We need to wake up and realize what is happening. Unfortunately, I do not think it can be stopped at this point. Where is God in all of this? I believe that this is part of the upcoming judgment that America will face because she has turned her back on Him. We have spit in his face, and God will not be mocked.

You need to stop planning vacations, quit buying shoes, get your head out of the sand, and start asking yourself, what do I need to do to protect my family? Something spiritual has been set loose and the rest of this year is going to be very very bad. Please examine your life, your walk with God and start letting go of this world. Grab onto Jesus as he is the only way to get through what is coming.

My purpose is to warn, to wake up, to challenge, and to draw you to God. Things are happening at such a quick pace, each person must now decide, what do I need to do to?

WGON op ed writer Cindy Gore 7/8/16