I remember listening to a speech years ago by President (Senior) Bush in which he referred to a New World Order. I thought to myself- ooh. "That could be bad- I wonder if he knows what he is saying there...nah, I'm okay."

Oh sure, I had watched the Left Behind movies. I had cruised through the book of Revelation a couple times- usually leaving me overwhelmed and confused. My take away? - Note to self- New World Order- One World Government, Religion - something to be avoided. Check . Got it.

What exactly do they mean when they say New World Order? What is wrong with the Old World Order? And who is the "they"?

Years ago, I taught First Grade in a Christian School. Day one - 22 wide-eyed kids walked into my room and sheepishly took their assigned seats. Being unfamiliar with how the plan would work, I started by being sweet, kind, and "buddy-buddy" to the class. Within three weeks, these kids were eating me for lunch. I approached a more seasoned teacher who smiled and said, Oh No. Get order. Get a New Order. The next few days we spent learning how to line up quietly. We practiced going up and down the halls without words. They would march down the hall, watching my face for the "eyebrow raise", or "scowl" if they were not in line. They learned to stop at my hand signal, go to the restroom 2 at a time with just a flick of my wrist, and how to pack their things for gym class without ripping their bags off the wall. I had established a New Order. And it worked. Gradually, I was able to ease up again, but I learned a lesson that year. It's much easier to control a mass of students who are in line then those who are all running to the beat of their own drummer.

So what is the New World Order? It is an attempt by a select few to get us into one mass of people, who are easier to control and obey. Why you ask? For the same reasons I needed to get control. I had an agenda, and I needed compliance to accomplish that agenda. What is the "New World Agenda" and who is perpetuating it?

Basically the New World Order is a elite group of people who wish to be able to control the world. The object is to break down sovereign states and countries, and bring in a society in which everyone will be subject to the rules that are made up by those elite with the power structure that they have in mind for the world. This global elitist group is made up of private international financiers (sometimes referred to as the "Central Bank") and the royal, dynastic and land owning families of Britain, Europe And America. It is their goal to control everyone and everything on the planet.

One of the things I struggled with when I first heard this was , "well, they are already so rich, why can't they just be happy." To someone driving a 10 year old car, one new one seems to be the "dream come true." But that is not the way they think. Money is about control. It is not enough to have enough. There is never enough. Because it is is about control. And frankly, there are many who have enough that think that most people have too much. They see the "common folk" getting richer and they do not like that. It makes them have to move their cheese as well, to be sure they are one step ahead of us.

This elitist group really takes their orders from Satan himself. Satan was created the most beautiful of angels. He was in control of worship in heaven. He was best buds with the creator. But that was not enough. He wanted more. He didn't want to be best buds- he wanted to be THE BUD. Not much has changed. These globalist elitists want power. They want control. They want to call the shots. They want to get into the education system and decide how much the "little people" can learn. Their philosophy is, if we get too smart, we may challenge them. So they decide to dumb down the schools. That is just one example.

The idea of one class ruling another goes back to the beginning. The idea of enslaving people goes back to the days of Israel in Egypt. In the last 50-100 years, this elitist group has gotten more and more powerful because the tools of innovation and technology have allowed them more power. They have also watched as people have populated the whole world, and frankly, it's getting crowded. And they don't want to be crowded. In my next article, I will talk about the importance of population "control" and the New World Order.

The Bible tells us about what will take place in the final days, and how these elitists (who have given themselves over to a darker power than man itself possesses.) For those who have been watching, we can see how this power hungry control driven society is at work today. Many are waking up and beginning to see- things are not what they used to be.

The New World Order has been around for a long time, but now we are beginning to see a very aggressive agenda. As you study the events going on in our world, (again) step outside and ask, does what I see happening fit into that agenda? Does this event seem to be being used, could it be used to further that New World Order? Once you begin to see things bigger picture, it makes understanding the events much easier to grasp.

WGON op ed writer Cindy Gore 7.9.16