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On Friday night, after the Coup attempt in Turkey, the US Air Base located at Ircirlik was put on blockade by Turkish police with 1500 American service people inside. Right now, Turkish police have the base blocked and have cut off power, water and supplies. Temperatures are in the 90's and 100's this time of year. The base does have emergency generators and supplies, but some are saying that they are rationing supplies during this time.

The base is divided into two sections - the American base, and a Turkish Base. The Turkish base is open, and has electricity and water. On two different occasions, Turkish police have entered the base without authorization, in search of any that could have been involved in the coup attempt.

The base in Turkey houses over 50 B1 bombers and is home to an unnumbered amount of nuclear warheads stored underground. Admiral James Lyons, who served as Commander of the US Fleet from 1985- 1987 remarked that President Obama considers President Erdogan one of his closest associates, although it is widely known that Erdogan has turned the secular Turkey into an Islamic state.

Others think that it is very possible that Erdogan has blockaded the base to use it as leverage with the United States to gain the extradition of Fethullah Gulen from Pennsylvania. Erdogan has been trying unsuccessfully to have him returned to Turkey for years.

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The disconcerting fact is that we have an American Military Base located in a country that is in political turmoil. We have American soldiers on that base that are without the necessities that they need. And we have nuclear bombs on site, and there is no guarantee that Turkey will not attempt to take advantage of that situation. Thus far, Turkey is not a nuclear country. Their hopes have been with Pakistan. We have a President who has made no mention of the situation. At the very least, he should DEMAND that the blockade be removed immediately, food, water and electric be restored, and Turkish police leave the area.

WGON op ed writer Cindy Gore 7.20.16

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