This year’s election is dividing the country unlike any I have seen before. People are filled with not only differences of opinion, but hatred toward the other party. In this article, I want to begin to explain why those differences are so broad, and what is taking place that is touching each one of us in our core values.

We as a society have moved, especially over the last 100 years, from a country that held nationalist views to one that is adapting and endorsing globalist views. Let me explain. When the country was young, we had a strong identification as a nationalist country. We were a country that was based on conservative values that emphasized family, faith and community as a way to get things done. People depended upon one another, in their community, for their very survival. (Look at the Amish- they still do- building barns together, sharing crops, etc.).

As the United States became wealthier, we became more industrialized. We moved away from values of religion, ritual, and respect and esteem toward authorities toward a secular rational value system. This system was open to change, progress, and social engineering and was based on rational considerations. This globalism moved us toward self-expression that moved us more toward an individual’s rights and protections of those rights and away from the physical security found in family, tribes and communities.

Nationalists strongly identify with a group of individuals within a nation. Their patriotism includes the thought that their country and culture are unique, and worth preserving. They have a bond with their country and the citizens have a duty to love, and to serve their country.

Globalists applaud open borders. They see the need to blend cultures, religions and peoples to accept all. To a Nationalist, seeing the open borders in Europe is like watching the Zika virus, moving steadily toward them. To a globalist, it is helping those who are in need – the chance to rescue millions who need help. To a globalist, the nationalist is seen as a small minded, simple, selfish people.

That is what we have going in this election. Whether we realize it or not, we are a globalist society. There have been things put into place within the last 20 years that are hurling us toward becoming a nation where borders are down, and self rules. The Agenda 2030, the TTP, and countless other initiatives have now been ushered in. The globalists need a candidate that will carry out these agendas. That is why Trump is so hated. The globalists cannot afford to have all of their progressive work they have accomplished set back (in their words) to the stone age.

To the globalist, the changes we have seen in values in America are necessary changes. We now have a country where anyone can marry anyone they choose. A woman can choose if she wants to have a child, and if she does not, she may do away with the child. We do not need to have “marked” stalls in a restroom. We are a free country. Free to do whatever we want. We have earned these freedoms!! We are free to express ourselves. A vote for Donald Trump becomes a vote backwards…taking away freedoms. He has “threatened” to put up fences to keep our borders secure. He has suggested we limit the number of immigrants we allow in. He has talked about securing bathrooms for gender specific individuals. These are all the “loss” of rights for the globalist.

That is why this election is so volatile. People are realizing that either way there is going to be a loss to their value systems. Whether their values include traditional values, or progressive values, no one wants to lose. The nationalists see values and religion being thrown out the window. The globalists see the small-minded people trying to slow them down from being inclusive for all. This election has very little to do with the candidates, and everything to do with how we will look as a nation when it is over. People ask the question – “How can you vote for Hillary- she’s a crook?” “How can you vote for Trump – he’s a hothead?” The answer is not about the person. The answer lies in how do we want to see ourselves as a nation when this is all said and done, and what are we willing to put up with to get our way.

WGON op ed Writer Cindy Gore Aug 1, 2016