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Our next war will not be like the wars we have experienced in the past. Back in the Civil War, men marched across the land, bayonets in hand. They looked their opponent in the eye and held hand to hand combat. World War I and II brought us into the age of bomber planes, sophisticated machinery and tanks. We all knew when we entered into war, because we looked up and saw it. Bombs – coming down on our ships.

The next war will not be one fought with the weapons of face to face combat or planes circling overhead. Weapons have been developed that allow nations to “play god” and never get their hands dirty while destroying the enemy. The weapons that have been developed give nations the ability to exert great pressure on a country without declaring war. Many people are not aware of the many weapons that have been developed or their use, so I will try to give a brief description of some of them.

EMP attacks- An EMP attack is an attack in the atmosphere against a power grid. A nuclear blast can be sent up to disable one or many of the grids by sending a burst of energy that would in essence, knock out the ability to have electricity and power of any kind. It would fry every power grid and cause massive blackouts all over the country. This could happen on a small or national scale. Most agree that an EMP attack of the United States is a very real threat, and if it were done on a large scale, would cause mass devastation and death within 3 months.

Rod of God – Some believe that the Rod of God has already been used as a weapon. It is basically a weapon in space that has the ability to strike any target on earth with precision force with 3-4 tons of TNT explosive equivalent. Many feel that this is what was responsible for the “explosions” that rocked Tianjin. China late last year.

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Weather Weapons – One of the weapons that most people do not know about is that of HAARP and weather warfare. Weather warfare has been used for years, and began with cloud seeding in the Viet Nam war to extend the monsoon season in the country. Technology is now available that can produce hurricanes, flooding conditions, tornadoes, droughts and earthquakes. Technology has gotten so advanced that they can now not only manufacture rain storms, but can steer them in a desired direction toward a target. They are able to dissipate rain to keep it away from an area, or seed an area and steer it into a desired location to cause flooding. Most people do not realize that the “clouds” they now see as they look up each day are manufactured by planes spraying chemicals into the sky to produce rain. They are also able to create earthquakes on demand, control the jet stream, and “sky burst” (magnify and refocus the sunlight that could burn holes in the ozone). There is much talk about the weather that has come upon us this last year- and who is using these weapons against whom.

Mind-control – HAARP is able by using extremely low frequency bombardment at just the same frequency as the human brain operates, to change a person’s thoughts and emotions.

Virus and Plagues – Also called biological warfare. These weapons are employed in various ways such as chemical weapons, or disease and virus type weapons. These weapons have been developed, acquired, stockpiled and deployed by nations and can be used as a nation desires. They can be as simple as a Zika Virus- a virus that was man made, or Anthrax and other chemical agents capable of wiping out communities and countries.

(photo Norse Attack map)

Cyber War – This is the deliberate sabotage of official websites and networks to disrupt or disable essential services or to steal classified data or cripple financial systems. These types of attacks happen daily against countries. There is actually a site on line where you can watch the attacks against countries (Norse attack map). It looks like a ping pong game of attacks happening daily. These types of attacks can shut down a banking system, stop subways, and disrupt power grids and water plants. They can shut down security systems and leave sensitive information very vulnerable. Cyber war can steal identities, hack bank accounts and destroy just about anything that is run by power or internet.

I have touched on only a few of the “new” weapons of war. Many of them are already in use. There are a growing number of people that believe we are already at war with some countries and that perhaps even the United States is using some of these weapons against its own people as a means of control. What we are seeing now are countries “flexing their muscles” by using many of the technologies listed above. Several countries have developed these weapons. Others, that have not, are racing to develop the Nuke – so that they too can compete in changing face of war. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of what is going on out there so that when you read of floods that keep hitting an area (like China) over and over, you can research and see if this is a deliberate attack or not. Most of the “events” that have taken place over the last few years have not been a climate chaos event or random chance earthquakes, but instead have been calling cards of warning. There is war raging behind the scenes. I believe that we will see more and more of these types of attacks over the coming months. I would encourage every reader of this to prepare. You are not preparing for war the way our parents did. You are preparing for national disasters and possible loss of services. Remember our President came out only a few months ago and said, every citizen should have an emergency plan and pack. He knew. The battle is beginning and there will be casualties.

WGON op ed Writer Cindy Gore