UNDERCOVER DOC: Too-Frail-to-Jail Hillary’s Private Doc Dresses as Secret Service But Wields Anti-Se

Hillary Clinton’s health has deteriorated so much in recent weeks that a physician is at the Democratic presidential nominee’s side at all times and ready to administer emergency medication via military- style auto-injector to help prevent severe seizures and brain damage.

Clinton’s physician, who has been dressing identical to her Secret Service detail in recent weeks, carries a “SinglePen D” style auto-injector that can be instantly applied through several layers of clothing, sources said. The injector, designed for use during military combat, is loaded with a dose of diazepam, federal sources said. Diazepam affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, spasms and is often used with other medications to treat seizures. Accidental falls are a common side effect for elderly patients who take diazepam. The drug’s manufacturer warns to use caution to avoid falling or accidental injury while you are taking this medicine.

The nominee’s Secret Service detail has dubbed Clinton’s physician “Doc” when talking via Motorola encrypted two-way communications, sources said. “Doc” too wears a Motorola earpiece and can communicate as needed with her security detail, sources said.

Here we see Clinton’s physician race to her side after a light protest at one of her rallies. Notice the doctor instructs Clinton multiple times to “keep talking” to keep her focused and try to deflate an overly-anxious Hillary. Then “Doc” instructs the Secret Service agents to leave the stage.

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