"Expert" Says Rising Rapes In Sweden Due To Global Warming Not Soaring Muslim Immigration

Psychotherapist and “expert on sexual criminals," Börje Svensson, has finally figured out the mystery behind rising sexual assaults in Sweden. Want to guess where he places the blame? Well, if you guessed ManBearPig then you're absolutely right! And we thought it might have something to do with the massive spike in refugees flooding into Sweden from countries that don't really share the same "respect" for women as the Western world.

Now we just feel awful for misplacing the blame. Still sometimes we feel like ManBearPig probably carries more than his fair share of the blame for the problems of the world (see "Bernie Sanders 'Reveals' The Real Cause Of Terrorism... Climate Change").

Per an article published by Breitbart London:

Providing the perfect reason that absolves the Swedish establishment of all responsibility, Svensson described how we have been a bit unlucky with the weather this year. Hopefully we will have a colder summer next year and sexual crimes will then be an old memory linked to that one hot Swedish summer. If by any chance, there are still rapes during a colder summer, our experts will simply find another scapegoat rather than looking straight at the imported criminals.

Just in case you're not the type to blindly accept the wisdom of our educated elites we thought we'd share some silly statistics with you just for fun. Does seem odd that rising sexual assaults happen to overlap with a massive spike in asylum applications from the predominantly Muslim countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Obviously, the rape epidemic in Europe is no laughing matter with new reports of violent sexual assaults being reported daily. The crisis is something we've discussed on numerous occasions recently (see "Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals Out Of Control" and "Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained"). Unfortunately, it's difficult to combat a problem like this when elected officials find it "inconvenient" to admit the true root of the crisis.

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