Chaos in Italy as 13,000 migrants arrive in FOUR days overwhelming response effort

CHAOTIC scenes are being witnessed every day in Italy as THOUSANDS of migrants overwhelm the emergency response.

Authorities in the country have been praised for their organisation in the face of the crisis - but witnesses claim they are being battered by a huge "human tide" of migrants.

Every day Libyan and Egyptian nationals are landing in the country, or being rescued at sea before being taken to southern port towns.

In four days, 13,000 have been rescued.

According to Save the Children, 14,700 unaccompanied minors have arrived since the beginning of 2016.

Yesterday, 1,067 people arrived in Palermo, 1,500 between Pozzallo and Augusta and 1,000 in Messina.

In Brindisi 708 arrived, including two corpses, while 1,078 landed in Taranto and 617 in Cagliari.

Italian towns including Pozzallo and Lampedusa have received thousands more migrants than they were expecting.

There are over 1,700 people in Lampedusa but it has just 450 places.

Recently on Lampedusa, the largest of the three Pelagie Islands, required 24-hour medical care for 2,800 migrants.

Back-up doctors were sent in but the coming and going to the emergency room is causing problems.

Italians are trying to make split lanes so the entrance and exit are different, scared diseases will spread.

Recently, 133 immigrants landing in Pozzallo had scabies.

Dr Pietro Bartolo, 60, Lampedusa’s only resident doctor estimates he has seen more than 250,000 migrants since the crisis began.

He told the National Student: “They get here in desperate conditions. They are fleeing wars, torture, persecution, rape.

"I have no idea how anyone could send them back. How can people talk about building fences or walls?

“Everyone contributed in their own way. A bakery would make big batches of bread for them.

"We let them shower in the football team’s locker room. My boat can barely fit five passengers, but there were twenty people sleeping in it.”

Officials have also revealed they have had problems between passengers of different ethnicities on the boats.

The ever-growing scale of this crisis is impacting upon the care available to the migrants.

This week, two men from Guinea and Mali were arrested after they assaulted two staff members and threatened them with glass after they asked for pocket money.

Police are being called in to man the migrant stations after a number of crimes were spotted, including fake marriages between foreigners and Italians to get the residence permit for around £5,900.

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