Does this photo prove that China is sneaking North Korea missiles?

An ex-US defence chief analysed the photos and found that the North's missiles looks exactly a Chinese-built JL-1.

Yet UN sanctions against North Korea, reaffirmed this year, explicitly forbid other countries from providing it with military tech.

Which means that – if the experts are right – China could be flaunting the sanctions it signed up to and secretly arming the missile-mad state.

North Korea launched three missiles today at 3am GMT in a presumed show of force to world leaders at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China.

The medium-range Rodong missiles landed harmlessly in the sea, within what Japan calls its air defence identification zone.

Dr Bruce Bechtol, formerly of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, analysed launch photos and noticed the Chinese design.

He pointed out that, in past years, China had supplied the North with military tech relating to missile launches.

He said: "The missile that the North Koreans launched looks like it's a two-stage missile just like the JL-1.

"It looks like it's a solid-fuel missile just like the JL-1. Just looking at them, they're looking exactly the same."

Unified opposition to Kim's missile tests has been shaken recently by the US deployment of its THAAD nuclear shield in South Korea.

Both Beijing and Moscow opposed the move, fearing that it would tip the delicate balance of power in Northeast Asia.

China has also been hesitant to enforce sanctions in the past, refusing to inspect cargo entering the North.

According to South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper, Kim Jong-un is also developing a Russian designed nuclear submarine.

Citing sources in a North Korean defector group, it reported that the blueprint for the submarine had been stolen by hackers.

South Korean government officials were sceptical, calling it a "cloak and dagger story" but added "nobody can completely rule it out".

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