WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Mystery as alien hunters catch bizarre UFO spotted on International Space Stati

EAGLE-EYED space fans caught a glimpse of a mysterious light hovering above our atmosphere – which alien hunters are convinced is NOT a solar flare.

Footage grabbed by viewers of the Nasa live stream from the International Space Station shows a strange blue light in the distance.

It is now being used as the latest amongst UFO enthusiasts to promote the existence of extra terrestrial life.

The unexplained light was seen by ufologist Streetcap1, who posted it on YouTube for his 39,000 subscribers to view.

He told them: "Unidentified object is brighter on the left side due to the light from the sun, so no lens flare.

"Nasa cut the camera feed so quickly even though this was very distant, but I still managed to get a couple of frames to enlarge."

Scott Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily blog, wrote: "This blue-glowing UFO was seen near the space station yesterday by Streetcap1 of YouTube.

"It appears fare away but it is not. It is actually very close to the space station, but higher up so it appears distant."

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