Assange Backed Into A Corner, Drops BOMB On ENTIRE U.S. Government

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have done this world a great service. While they are not the group actually hacking agencies, they have spent more than ten years collecting, validating, archiving, and disseminating information the people deserve to see.

WikiLeaks has played a major role in exposing Hillary Clinton, as well. While many others have made great attempts, they lacked the physical evidence hidden in government documents.

When Assange released everything he had to expose the DNC for rigging the election in favor of Hillary over Bernie Sanders, his proof overwhelming led to many resigning. The same effect is about to occur on Hillary Clinton and her cartel.

Assange has dropped a crumb, and he is waiting to see who will pick it up and run with it. Emails released will unequivocally show that Hillary Clinton is the Founder of ISIS, and Barack Hussein Obama helped her.

As we are well aware, Hillary is denying these claims, but it will be hard to deny when we see Assange break it down via this video and with the emails from her server.

Here is a video showing the American people that while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton approved and sold weapons to ISIS.

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