I thought Trump started out well. However, as he went on, I saw he had not matured in his debating abilities. It was like a tad pole attacking a shark, in terms of prowess in the debating arena. That said, I was glad he brought up the videos that Project Veritas did!! I literally applauded him on that move. I could see fire in Hillary’s eyes!! LOL I saw exact words from Hillary that she said in the last debate and in other speeches, but she says them as though it was just thought up. This is how Trump needs to progress to. She knows where to take her shots, he needs to be able to do that also. She’s concise without giving much info. That’s pure politics...say a lot but give no info. He needed to do some of that. Why? Because the WAY you say things, without giving any info, makes it SOUND like you are giving a lot of info, but frankly, it’s all fluff. Most people don’t have a clue that is what is happening. They sit there with a glaze over their eyes like this is something they should be hearing from their candidate. When in fact, they heard nothing but words...empty words. It is making their candidate sound like they have the answers and are on top of things when in fact, they have nothing but empty words. Hillary is good at that and did that most of the debate except when she was attacking Trump. Trump has a problem articulating his thoughts. He makes a statement, “it will be the greatest”, “or you shouldn’t do that” ( about late term abortion)...etc. But he doesn’t say why? People want to know why he feels that way and how he’s going to accomplish it. I do wish he had said, about late term abortion, that at 9 months, and much earlier, a baby can live outside the womb so why murder it...why not give it to someone who wants the baby? But, he merely says, “you shouldn’t do that”??? I personally have spoken with a man who was born prematurely at 23 wks. And he’s a grown man now and very healthy. So, I wish Trump had said this out loud so the people would see it...rather than making a dead end statement...”you shouldn’t do that.” IF, and that’s a very big IF, Trump is elected, I doubt he will get anything done that he wants done because the corruption in DC is so wide spread, unless he follow’s Obama’s example and use his mighty pen, he will be stone walled every time he tries to do anything. Even his own party members won’t back him as we see in this election. So, the mighty pen will be his only recourse. As for Trump not paying taxes, if there is a tax break and a business man doesn’t use it, then he’s not a good business man. I would be willing to bet Hillary uses every tax break she can also. So does all the millionaires, how else do you think they stay millionaires? So, that’s a plus in his column for me! I agree we shouldn’t be paying the bills for our protection to all nations. Let them chip in as they can afford to. That’s good business. I agree closing the borders in today’s world is good common sense. She wants to bring in more “vetted”?? immigrants? They haven’t been vetting them so far so how do people think they will be vetted if she’s elected? They won’t be. She doesn’t want borders on this planet. She’s a NWO globalist...no nations is their goal. Trump is a true American who loves his country and wants it to stay AMERICA. I know the manufacturing in this country is pretty much dead. Even though the propaganda machines say it’s increased, they aren’t telling you that what is produced, as little of it there is, is all shipped over seas. Go online and try to buy a real American made product...not just one that was assembled here with parts made in China, etc. but actually started out made here. Or go to your closet and look at the label in your clothes and see where they came from. I’d venture to say, not from America!! You will be hard pressed to find many. When I shop online I can only find China, Indonesia, and a few other countries, but no American made products. He’s right to want to bring our manufacturing back so our people will have jobs. Our products are much better made also. China’s stuff is garbage!! I hate having to buy from there for three reasons...one is their products is trash and secondly, I’m giving them money to fuel their fight with us if and when they attack us in the South China Sea. Then lastly, I’m furthering slave labor!!! So, Trump is right about the trade issues...in my humble opinion. Knowing what I know about the DNC and Clinton corruption, I could pick out every lie Hillary said in the debate. They stood out like a sore thumb to me. However, not very many people know of all the corruption so they are soaking up what she says as though it was gospel. Sadly, they will regret it if she is elected, just as most Obama voters regret having voted for him. Trump was doing pretty well through the debate, even though he was “immature” in his debating skills, but he blew all that out of the water when he said he will wait until the election to decide if he will concede to the vote. I understand why he said that and agree with him with all the fraud Hillary, DNC, and Obama is committing in this election, however, it fed the sharks!! He lost all he gained with that statement. My mouth dropped open in shock at that statement. I agree with him, but you don’t feed the sharks!!! Now, he’s given them more fuel to fight him. Again, a sign of immaturity in debating. We need to stay informed today, more than ever. By not knowing all the corruption that is going on in the DNC and Hillary camps, one will fall for her deception. If you listen to just her words, not knowing anything at all about the corruption, then it sounds wonderful. It’s “tickling the ears” of the voters. Just because they, politicians, say something in their campaign doesn’t mean it will be done if they are elected, and history has proven this over and over again. Obama kept his word on only one thing during his campaigning….”I will transform America”. Did anybody bother to ask “transform America how”? Be careful in believing a politician, when their mouth is moving, they are lying. Trump is a business man, NOT a politician. I believe a businessman is what we need at this point in our history. Politicians are about what is good for them, their power, their bank accounts, NOT about what is good for this country, as we can see by how bad off this country is today in the hands of corrupt politicians. However, Trump isn’t a politician and being a good businessman, we should shift gears and try him because we know what politicians have done to this country! A vote for Trump, even if you don’t like him, is a vote AGAINST Hillary. If you vote independent, you vote for Hillary because when they have to fall out of the race, they put their votes with whom ever they choose. I don’t trust Hillary’s corrupt DNC and I believe they will MAKE those independents cast their votes to Hillary. As for Haiti, just watch the documentary “Clinton Cash”. You will find out how badly she stole from Haiti, raped their country and put in her puppets to continue to rape those poor people. What is and has been going on in the middle east has been orchestrated by the power in charge of this world using the US government as their tools. Thus the middle east is a big mess thanks to the US government and it’s corruption . Hillary is responsible for much of what went on there and is still going on there due to her involvement. Please research this for yourself and you’ll find I’m right. So, we need someone as President who isn’t in the Elite’s pocket. Trump isn’t and that’s why they need him to lose or maybe even get rid of him completely. The body count for Hillary doesn’t show she’s afraid to take a person..

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