REPORT: Trump Advisers Leak MASSIVE Change He Plans for Israel… Embassy Heading for Jerusalem

The president of a major Jewish organization said that President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers had ensured him that a Trump administration would move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to an interview on Newsmax TV.

Such a move would be considered an affront to both Palestinians and Muslims at large, who view Jerusalem as contested territory that should not be considered Israel’s capital.

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, said that the president-elect was willing to take the risk.

“His advisers who are friends of mine tell me that he would really move the embassy to Jerusalem,” Klein said. He added that while former presidents — most notably Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — had also promised the same thing, Trump had written the “most pro-Israel policy statement in history.”

At the moment, no countries have their official embassies in Jerusalem, although two nations — the United States and Italy — maintain consulate offices there.

Klein, an economist under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter, also said Trump would oppose Palestinian statehood for reasons of Israeli security.

“He opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state,” Klein said. “He says because this will be a terrorist state they promote hatred and violence in their schools, in their media and in their speeches. They name schools and streets and sports teams after Jew-killing terrorists.”

Klein pointed out that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas gives pensions to families of suicide bombers and that “the more Jews they murder, the higher their pension. Can you believe this?”

While Palestinians claim that Jerusalem should be the future capital of a Palestinian state — and therefore not the capital of the state of Israel — because of its holy status in the Quran, Klein argued that this was false.

“Jerusalem is not holy to Muslims,” Klein said. “This is a propaganda lie. The holy text mentioned Jerusalem 700 times. The Quran, the Islamic holy text, never mentions Jerusalem a single time.”

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The Obama administration, it’s worth pointing out, won’t even mention that Jerusalem is in Israel. When they sent out a news release after Shimon Peres’ funeral that identified the location as being Israeli, they later sent out a correction crossing out the nation’s name.

President-elect Trump’s administration apparently will be a lot different. And the embassy could be the first sign of that.

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