North Carolina’s Massive Wildfire Is Spreading And It’s Truly Tragic

It was just one week ago that we spoke of the worst wildfire to take place in North Carolina’s history. As of last week, our state had seen over 40,000 acres of land burned by wildfires since the end of October, with matters only getting worse. We’re heartbroken to report that a new fire broke out Monday night, burning roughly one thousand acres in the past 24 hours since starting. With plenty of wildfires still raging throughout the west in North Carolina, it’s become an increasingly terrifying thought to think about what will happen to our state if these disasters don’t get under control soon enough.

As of this morning, one hundred firefighters are working to keep the wildfire away from homes in Watauga County. In the town of Blowing Rock, over fifty homes have been evacuated, with fires creeping in uncomfortably close to homes and structures. In the Western regions of our state, over twenty counties have been placed under an "all open burning ban" by North Carolina's Forest Service. The largest wildfire so far has been the Tellico Fire in both Macon and Swain Counties, having burned almost 14,000 acres since starting at the beginning of this month.

County officials are predicting by the end of today (Wednesday), the fire will have burned one thousand acres. With plenty of other wildfires burning throughout the western region of North Carolina, resources are scarce.

Unfortunately, in this area of North Carolina dozens of homes have fallen within the containment lines of the county. Firefighters have reported seeing flames up to sixty feet tall, with the fire getting closer and closer to homes and structures in the county.

Just north in Boone, at the Alliance Bible Fellowship church, the Red Cross has set up a shelter for residents. Here, those who have been forced to leave their homes can find toiletry bags, blankets and a gracious amount of room. Another source for those who have been forced out of their homes? Airbnb has listings that have waived their service fees for disaster victims in North Carolina.

It's this destructive combination of elements that has made it so difficult for firefighters to contain these tragic wildfires in our state. One of the biggest concerns for North Carolina is still the wildfire that's burning within Chimney Rock State Park at Party Rock. The wildfire at Party Rock has been one of our worst since the wildfires began last month, though a great amount of progress has been made. The Party Rock wildfire has burned over 7,000 acres so far. Luckily, roughly half of it has been contained. Currently, over one thousand firefighters are working to fight against these wildfires blazing through Western North Carolina.

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