READY FOR WAR Japan prepares for NUCLEAR war with North Korea by warning citizens to shelter in unde

JAPANESE people are bracing themselves for nuclear attack with chilling advise on what to do if Kim Jong-un presses the red button.

For the first time since North Korea began a series of nuke tests, people in Japan are being issued with terrifying instruction on how to deal with nuclear war.

A downloadable pamphlet is now available on the island nation’s civil defence website.

Called “Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism,” it outlines emergency measures in the event North Korean missiles are fired at the country.

It bears similarities to the creepy Protect and Survive documents issued in Britain and Northern Ireland during the early 1980s following the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Like the UK’s booklet it give top-tips on how to avoid being fried and radiated.

It urges people to take shelter indoors behind thick walls to avoid blast injuries but also radiation.

Underground shopping malls would be an ideal place to take cover, it advises.

Already anti-missile batteries have begun appearing in parks in Tokyo, which is expected to be a primary target.

Japan’s Defence Ministry’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency is also mulling whether powerful lasers could defending against missile attacks.

But North Korea has said it would “saturate” its enemies with missiles so that at least a few would get through any defences.

Japan is the only country to have suffered nuclear war after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the last days of World War 2.

This killed 250,000 with many more dying of cancer because of radiation.

Meanwhile in the UK, it has emerged that the Government will warn people of an impending nuclear strike by text message.

U.S. officials warned people against going to North Korea for their annual holidays – because it is propping up Kim’s nuclear weapons programme.

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