See undercover video of 'no-go zones' for women in France

An undercover video report shows women openly barred from entering pubs and cafés in Muslim-majority areas of France, and a civil-rights group says it has launched a crusade to reclaim the areas for French women.

Two undercover French women tried to enter a café in Sevran, a suburb of Paris, and were told to stay outside and wait for their male family member. They were not allowed to enter alone.

“In this café, there is no mixing,” someone can be heard telling them on the undercover video.

“Is this normal?” one of them asks.

“We are in Sevran. Not in Paris. It’s a different mentality,” the man tells her, adding, “It is like back home [in the Middle East].”

The report, compiled by the TV channel France 2, shows how women are being booted from these establishments, with many men openly hostile to their presence in public at all, the Express reports.

In Lyon, France’s second biggest city, the report unearthed evidence that women are now actively altering their dress to avoid being threatened or abused by Muslim men.

One young woman told the broadcaster that she does everything she can to not be noticed, including wearing baggy trousers and avoiding wearing skirts and makeup, the Express reports.

When asked why, she told the TV station: “Because I’m afraid, as simple as that.”

Pascale Boistard, the women’s rights minister, declared in reaction to the report: “There are now areas in our country where women can no longer go.”

Now a local women’s group called Collectif des Femmes is organizing protest marches to cafes that are frequented by solely by Muslim men.

Brigitte Desmet, a leader of the movement, said the protests are designed to encourage young Muslims “to participate in French society and not cut themselves off,” the Express reports.

A warning sign for U.S. cities?

And some are warning the report should send a chilling message to American cities importing Shariah-adherent Muslims through the United Nations refugee resettlement program and other immigration programs.

Pamela Geller, president of the Freedom Defense Initiative and publisher of the Geller Report, posted a blog on the report Tuesday and told WND the report vindicates Steve Emerson, a terrorism analyst who was vilified by the U.S. media last year for saying there were “no-go zones” in Europe.

“Back in January 2015, Steve Emerson was banned from Fox News for using the term ‘no-go zones,'” she told WND. “The mayor of Paris threatened to sue Fox News because Emerson said it on their network. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said Emerson was ‘clearly a complete idiot’ for using the term.”

In retrospect, Geller says people should now be asking, “Who’s the real idiot?”

“Emerson was 100 percent right in saying that such zones existed. The mayor of Paris and Cameron owe him an apology,” she said.


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