Tony Perkins: Tillerson helped make Boy Scouts go 'gay'

As the names popped up on President-elect Donald Trump’s list of Cabinet nominees, conservatives and Christians mostly have been pleased.

After all, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry once said he wanted to shut down the agency he’s now supposed to run, the Energy Department, and Betsy DeVos, nominated to run the Department of Education, has expressed strong support for school choice and school vouchers.

But there’s been a slipup by the Trump transition team at the position for secretary of state, they say.

Nominee Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, not only has been supportive of the abortion industry, through his company’s donations to abortionists, but also played a key role in opening the Boy Scouts to homosexuality.

Those accomplishments have left Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council appalled at the idea of Tillerson continuing the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda outlined by Hillary Clinton and followed by John Kerry at the State Department.

“FRC knows Tillerson all too well, having worked for years to put the brakes on his reckless agenda for a scouting organization that was already dealing with staggering numbers of sexual abuse cases,” he wrote in a recent commentary online.

“Unfortunately, [Boy Scouts of America,] under Tillerson, ultimately caved to the pressure of the far-left, irreparably splitting the Scouts and destroying a proud and honorable American tradition,” he said.

“Under his chairmanship, ExxonMobil’s score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate ‘Equality’ Index has also skyrocketed to 87 percent. Still, Trump calls Rex a ‘world class player and dealmaker,’ but if these are the kinds of deals Tillerson makes – sending dollars to an abortion business that’s just been referred for criminal prosecution and risking the well-being of young boys under his charge in an attempt to placate radical homosexual activists – then who knows what sort of ‘diplomacy’ he would champion at DOS?”

The two moral and social issues that are attracting the attention of conservatives who helped elect Trump are exposing young boys to homosexual adults in the Boy Scout activities and the financial support the megacorporation grants to the nation’s biggest abortion industry player, Planned Parenthood.

“The left, which doesn’t usually need a reason to oppose Trump’s choices, won’t find many here, since the ExxonMobil executive may be the greatest ally liberals have in the Cabinet for their abortion and LGBT agendas,” Perkins said.

“That should be particularly alarming to conservatives, who’ve spent the last eight years watching the State Department lead the global parade for the slaughter of innocent unborn children and the intimidation of nations with natural views on marriage and sexuality,” Perkins continued.

“No sooner had Hillary Clinton taken over the State Department in 2009 than the White House ordered her to use the agency as a club to beat other nations into submission on sensitive culture issues – a tradition that successor John Kerry has been all to eager to continue.”

At the American Thinker blog, Timothy Birdnow wrote that one of the founders of the Boy Scouts said: “Where does religion come in? Well, my reply is … it does not come in at all. It is already there. It is the fundamental factor underlying Scouting and Guiding.”

Birdnow wrote: “While there is no litmus tests on how one believes in God, there is that matter of duty to Him. Now, all three Abrahamic religions hold that morally straight means sexually pure, or at least sexually restrained, and all three consider homosexuality an abomination.

“So does the Bahai faith. So too Zoroastrianism. Hinduism frowns on it, as do Buddhism and Sikhism. Unless one takes a ‘progressive’ view of his faith or adopts some fringe religion, homosexual activity is forbidden.”

He pointed out Tillerson lobbied the Boy Scouts, from his position on the board of the organization, to begin promoting homosexuality.

The Dallas Morning News, at the time, reported Tillerson was instrumental in lobbying the Scouts’ board to accept openly gay youths, citing John Hammer, president of the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Birdnow continued: “How is opening an organization that involves young boys in close proximity to open homosexuals in the former’s best interest? Will Tillerson next seek to recruit hookers for them? These are boys in their early teenage years, after all, and as such, one must question their self-identification as homosexual.”

While the blog says Tillerson is a Christian, it points out he’s known to be “squishy on global warming, favoring some sort of carbon credit trading” as well as being a “globalist.”

ABC reported that it is possible, under the current status quo, for a single Republican senator to shoot down Tillerson’s nomination.

That would be if the nine Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee oppose Tillerson, and one senator, Marco Rubio, joins them.

Rubio and other Washington insiders have also raised questions about Tillerson’s relationship with Russia, since he’s done business deals there and once accepted an award from President Vladimir Putin.

Rubio released a statement saying he had “serious concerns.”

“The next secretary of state must be someone who views the world with moral clarity, is free of potential conflicts of interest, has a clear sense of America’s interests and will be a forceful advocate for America’s foreign policy goals,” he said.

Perkins said: “Now, after two terms of exporting radical social policy, Americans could finally see the light at the end of the Obama administration tunnel. To hear that Donald Trump may be appointing a man who not only led the charge to open the Boy Scouts to gay troop leaders but whose company directly gives to Planned Parenthood is upsetting at best.”

He continued: “For groups like FRC, who are tired of the State Department being used as a weapon in the global war on values, the problems run much deeper. The agency already has an image problem after almost a decade of failing to respect the traditions and beliefs of other countries. The last thing Americans need is a leader who would continue to advocate (however subtly) the leftist social policy of the Obama years.”

WND reported former Defense Secretary Robert Gates worked on the scouting board with Tillerson, who was president of the organization when it was opened to homosexual activists.

Entertainment legend Pat Boone expressed outrage.

“Think about it. Although the Boy Scouts officially began in 1909, and the Girl Scouts a year later, as a voluntary, nonprofit, non-governmental organization, dedicated by oath and internal law to honor and morality and ‘duty to God and country,’ this man who personally directed our national defense and investigative agencies is advocating surrender of the Scouts’ founding principles to the encroaching, virulent campaign of militant homosexual activists!” he wrote. “Dear God, Bob Gates, what are you thinking?”

Planned Parenthood has been in the spotlight for statements by officials obtained by undercover investigators negotiating the prices of the scavenged body parts of unborn babies.

Besides being targeted by defunding moves in many states, Congress continues to investigate the behavior of Planned Parenthood. It already has recommended a contempt citation for one scandal figure.

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