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THE disused airport which was home to the Pakistani migrant arrested after the deadly Berlin lorry attack is now Germany’s biggest refugee camp.

Tempelhof Airport has been raided by German cops following the Christmas market assault which killed 12 people.

The former travel hub, which was built in 1923 and developed by the Nazis, houses around 13,000 migrants waiting for permanent accommodation.

Rows and rows of temporary box rooms line the corridors with as many as 12 people sharing a 270 square foot cabin.

While Tempelhof’s occupants are only meant to stay for around six weeks, many refugees have been there for over six months due to a lack of housing.

Earlier this year, Vice visited the facility and spoke to the migrants living in the crammed conditions.

Sayed, 37, from Afghanistan, revealed that living in Tempelhof was affecting his mental health.

He said: “I’ve been here for just over four months. I have no idea what will happen next, or how long I’ll be living here. Living here isn’t good – especially for my mental state.

“We’re having issues with integrating too – there has been no news about an integration course we were supposed to have.

“I’m living with two other families in my cubicle, 12 people in total.”

Two brothers, Hamza, 28 and Akram, 16, from Syria had been living in the camp for over six months.

They told Vice that they are not treated like human beings since coming to Germany.

The siblings also complained about not being able to bring their own food or milk into the former airport.

An Afghan mother named Nadia spoke about the difficulties of raising her four children in the camp.

She admitted that her young daughter has a mental illness and the noisy conditions are making her condition worse.

She said: “My children aren't able to study here when they get out of school, but they are learning German and I'm really happy for them.”

Nadia also said her young son finds it hard to make friends in the camp and is struggling to integrate.

The airport closed down several years ago but the buildings sprawl over a vast area and parts of it were turned over to house refugees in the capital.

Media reports said the man, named only as Navid B, who drove the truck was living there.

However it has since been reported that cops may have arrested the wrong man and the suspect is still at large.

Whether or not the 4am raid was a hunt for evidence or for possible accomplices of the killer was not immediately clear.

On Monday, a lorry ploughed through shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12 people and injuring over fifty.

The rampage took place in Breitscheidplatz, a major public square in the West of the city, and is thought to be the first full-scale jihadi attack to hit Germany.

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