BOOM: @WeSearchr & Mike @Cernovich Release 800+ PAGES Of Nasty @Snopes Divorce Records To The Pu

New journalism start-up WeSearchr, Mike Cernovich, and 8 other anonymous contributors have raised $500 to release more than 800 pages of court records from the divorce of the two founders of the left-wing-biased “fact-checking” website Snopes, David and Barbara Mikkelson:

BOOM: FUNDED! BIG THANKS to Mike @Cernovich for $265 to put this over the top! @Snopes divorce records incoming! https://t.co/9Z0yLFm2n1 pic.twitter.com/mYZ6ezyVFO

— WeSearchr (@wesearchr) January 13, 2017

The records were obtained today by an anonymous researcher and the money was quickly raised, with Mike Cernovich sponsoring over half of the minimum with a $265 contribution:

Time to fact-check the fact-checkers.

Cernovich Media has sponsored the release of Snope's divorce records.https://t.co/TS1U6yEe28

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) January 13, 2017

The bounty was initiated by user “Ham Syde” about two weeks ago.

Snopes is a notoriously left-wing mainstream media “fact-checking” website run by the now-divorced couple David and Barbara Mikkelson. It was part of a panel of “fact checkers” to be used by Facebook to determine if news stories on Facebook were true or false.

Several weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported that David Mikkelson was accused of defrauding Snopes to pay for prostitutes and escorts, and had hired an escort/porn star and “Vice Vixen Domme” to work for the site. The Daily Mail‘s report was based on the same set of divorce records, which are now released in full online.

@wesearchr @Dropbox @snopes

David Mikkelson admitted to paying for hookers on Paypal with misappropriated funds from snopes pic.twitter.com/mBrbWzCUs5

— Eichenwald's binder (@AmishRakeFighte) January 13, 2017

You can download and read the full 800+ pages of Snopes divorce records right here at Dropbox.

VOILA: Here is the @Dropbox link to 800+ PAGES of @Snopes divorce records. Read & ENJOY: https://t.co/CqpZSXV2sx

— WeSearchr (@wesearchr) January 13, 2017

An OCR (optical character recognition) word searchable version of the 800+ pages of records is now available too at this link.

UPDATE: We have made the 800+ PAGES of @Snopes divorce records WORD SEARCHABLE with OCR. Download link here: https://t.co/52rFUEjAUd

— WeSearchr (@wesearchr) January 14, 2017

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