Hamas promises Israelis swift demise — in rhyme

Hamas on Tuesday released an animated Hebrew-language music video threatening Israel with death and destruction, a day after a flare-up of violence in the Gaza Strip that saw Israeli air and tank strikes in response to a rocket attack from the Strip.

In the video, titled “Zionist, You Will Die in Gaza,” the terror group threatens to hit Israelis with rockets “where they live” and promises death for those who “do not leave our land immediately.”

The colorful lyrics — written in rhyme — include a vow that Israelis will “drink from the cup of death, its taste bitter.” It warns IDF soldiers that any who enter Gaza territory will die — or at best face capture and imprisonment. “I will eat you without salt,” another line promises. “You will beg for your life.”

The animation is also rather intense, featuring multiple explosions, tanks being crushed and stereotypical Jews being chopped up, impaled and otherwise mangled by the organization’s war machine. At one point, the video shows rockets hitting IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Hamas has released similar threatening videos in the past, an apparent attempt at psychological warfare, though it could be argued that the clips have an opposite effect: Though chilling in their content, the videos’ broken Hebrew and simplistic messaging have made them something of a hit with Israelis, who often share them to amusement and ridicule on social media.

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