INSIDE SOURCE Larry C. Johnson Provides Information That Obama Approved Spying On Trump

Larry C. Johnson, a former high-ranking member of the CIA, recently appeared on an RT broadcast to report that, according to his inside sources, people within the Obama administration did in fact work with the CIA, NSA, and Britain’s GCHQ (The Government Communications Headquarters, a British intelligence agency) to disperse illegally obtained intelligence information on Donald Trump to ensure his defeat of his bid for the presidency.

Johnson said the issue of illegally-gathered information at Trump Tower by Obama administration agents is a “huge deal,” even though President Trump may have used the wrong terminology when he referred to the technology used to obtain information as a wiretap.

Obama’s allies, like John Brennan and Jim Clapper, have used the incorrect terminology the President used in his now-famous tweets to deny that there is any truth to what Trump tweeted.

“I understand from very good friends that both Jim Clapper and John Brennan at CIA were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump, that there was some collusion overseas with Britain’s own GHCQ,” said Johnson, and that the Obama was aware of the illicit spywork and gave the go-ahead.

“Donald Trump is in essence correct that the intelligence agencies and some in the law enforcement community on the side of the FBI were in fact illegally trying to access, monitor his communications with his aides and with other people – all of this with an end of trying to destroy and discredit his presidency,” continued.

Johnson added that Admiral Michael Rogers, the head of the NSA, visited Trump to “cover himself” as he knew about the NSA’s spying operation.

Said Johnson, “There is a genuine effort to take out and defeat Donald Trump even in the aftermath of his election,” adding the deep state officials within the NSA and CIA who have been complicit in the plot to dethrone Trump should be fired.

Johnson explained that there is concerted effort to end the Trump presidency, even as they keep him from November victory. He ominously but truthfully added, “What they’re doing I think would fall under the definition of sedition.” The infamous “pissgate” dossier scandal was just one part of the campaign to force Trump from office.

Johnson is also of the opinion that there is absolutely “no evidence” that Vladimir Putin and Russia had done anything to effect the recent U.S. election.

A great irony is the credence that most of the American media has given to the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who has been quite vocal publicly in his adament denials that the Obama administration had spied on Donald Trump in any way.

The irony is the fact that Clapper himself lied under oath when testifying before Congress in 2013.

Do you think Obama’s allies spied on Trump, even if that spying wasn’t technically a “wiretap?” Share your opinions in the comments section.

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