Robot has her first period in scientific feat which will bring machines even closer to humanity

Scientists at Northwestern University used human cells to recreate a female reproductive system in a box.

And after switching on their lab-based creation, researchers claim that the book-sized biobot, dubbed EVATAR, had completed its first menstrual cycle.

Specialists worked on each part of the reproductive system to build EVATAR; one team working on an ovary and another on the cervix.

It’s hoped that a number of fake organ systems could be linked up to create a “human in a dish”.

Top professors including Stephen Hawking have warned that society should be terrified of artificial intelligence and robot advances.

But this new system is more likely to save lives.

The bizarre Frankenstein creation will allow pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs on these half humans to see if they cause any nasty reactions.

And in the case of EVATAR, scientists will be able to see the difference in reactions between men and women.

It follows news of fleshy ‘bio-bots’ made of living cells which can wriggle and walk.

The fleet of walking “bio-bots” are powered using muscle cells and controlled using electrical and optical pulses.

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