North Korea vows to leave ‘NO MAN ALIVE’ in chilling World War 3 threat to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has sent the USS Carl Vinson near to the communist stronghold in a bid to deter Kim Jong-un from carrying out more nuclear blasts and missile tests.

Japanese destroyers have joined up with their US counterparts as Pyongyang gears up to carry out another blast – expected today – despite increasing pressure from Washington.

North Korea has now promised to launch a deadly strike which would wipe out all military personnel if nuclear warfare was to erupt.

State newspaper Minju Joson reported: "The army of North Korea already declared it will deal merciless destructive blows at the enemies so that they would not come back to life again should they make reckless provocation.

"If our Juche weapons with potentials unimaginable by the US open fire, they will destroy the US forces and their stooges to the last man so that there would not be left even a single man who will sign the surrender document."

Drills have been scheduled in a bid to prepare for a mass evacuation of all 230,000 Americans in the Korean peninsula if war breaks out between the two nuclear nations.

The US, China and Japan have held talks in the past few days as Donald Trump weighs up whether to take military action against North Korea.

Minju Joson added: "The group of aggressors can never evade our nuclear strike whether they are on the peninsula, at military aggression bases in the Pacific or in the US mainland across the ocean.

"It will be useless to regret after taking a single step wrong and bringing ruin to oneself.

"The US Trump administration better behave with discretion.”

President Trump has summoned all 100 senators to Capitol Hill today for an unusual meeting on the secretive regime.

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