Professor Wants Children to Learn ‘Queer Theory’ in Elementary School

A professor at the University of Arizona who conducts research on science education is arguing that students should be taught “queer theory” in elementary school.

Kristin Gunckel, a professor at the University of Arizona, argued on behalf of introducing “queer theory” into American elementary school curriculum in a recent lecture that took place last month.

“Queer theory,” according to Gunckel, examines why heterosexuality is portrayed as the “only normal and natural form” for human beings.

“It challenges categorical thinking and specifically aims to disrupt the hetero/homo binary,” she wrote. “Queer theory examines how the social construction of sexuality is normalized so that heterosexuality is portrayed as the only normal and natural form of being human.”

“Queering science education means exploding binary gender and sexuality constructions, collapsing heteronormativity, and opening spaces within science education for the marginalized identities,” she adds.

Heteronormativity is defined as “denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation.

In an academic research paper, Gunckel wrote that “school science plays a strong role in silencing queer identities and limiting science knowledge and learning.”

“In elementary school, it means not hiding sexuality from children. At all levels, it means providing space within the curriculum for students to see themselves and their families. Queering science education means making the invisible visible,” Gunckel wrote.

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