LGBTQs target top psychiatrist for debunking gender myths

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the leading U.S. pro-homosexual/transgender organizations, is tired of getting debunked by a world-renowned psychiatrist and medical doctor and has decided to fight back with an online campaign to paint their opponent as a peddler of “junk science.”

HRC has launched an online attack called “McHugh Exposed” at its website.

“For years, Paul McHugh has used his platform as a psychiatrist affiliated with Johns Hopkins University to peddle myths about transgender people – not just in his writings, but in courtrooms and state legislatures across the country,” HRC complains. “While he has no expertise in gender or sexuality, McHugh has publicly called transgender people ‘caricatures’ and described them as ‘confused’ and ‘mad.’

“McHugh’s effort to give a veneer of academic integrity to transphobic junk science is part of a broader disturbing trend: the use of misleading, badly designed or completely unscientific ‘research’ to attack LGBTQ people and their families,” the HRC accuses. “In reality, McHugh’s personal views run contrary to the overwhelming medical consensus and the established standards of care endorsed by every major medical association calling for affirming and embracing LGBTQ identities.”

While HRC attempts to portray McHugh as an opinionated crank, the doctor is, in reality, recognized as one of the most prominent psychiatrists of the last 50 years. He has served as psychiatrist-in-chief at John Hopkins Hospital for 25 years and serves as a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. McHugh has received the National Academy of Science (NAS) Institutes of Medicine’s most prestigious award.

In his May 2016 Wall Street Journal article, titled “Transgender Surgery isn’t the Solution,” McHugh exploded the so-called “consensus,” writing that those identifying as transgenders do not suffer some incurable medical condition and that, further, undergoing sexual-reassignment surgery does not “change men to women or vice versa.”

“The transgendered suffer a disorder of ‘assumption’ like those in other disorders familiar to psychiatrists,” McHugh continued. “With the transgendered, the disordered assumption is that the individual differs from what seems given in nature – namely one’s maleness or femaleness. Other kinds of disordered assumptions are held by those who suffer from anorexia and bulimia nervosa, where the assumption that departs from physical reality is the belief by the dangerously thin that they are overweight.”

McHugh noted the results of Swedish research showing a 20-fold increase in the suicide death rate above the comparable non-transgender population for those having sex-reassignment surgery.

WND reported last year the results of a study conducted by McHugh and statistician Lawrence S. Mayer debunking the “born that way” theory that attempts explain gender identity as something innate and independent of biological sex. Of particular concern to McHugh was the trend of parents declaring their child transgendered and subjecting the child to hormone treatments, behavioral adjustments and even surgery.

Children who express any identification of the opposite gender almost always leave those expressions behind as they grow, the scholars argued.

“Despite the scientific uncertainty, drastic interventions are prescribed and delivered to patients identifying, or identified, as transgender. This is especially troubling when the patients receiving these interventions are children,” the authors wrote in the study, “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences,” published in The New Atlantis.

“We read popular reports about plans for medical and surgical interventions for many prepubescent children, some as young as six, and other therapeutic approaches undertaken for children as young as two.

McHugh’s and Mayer’s 143-page New Atlantis report has been widely cited by conservatives and is singled out for criticism on the HRC website with links to HRC articles, including:

Anti-Trans All-Stars Publish Biased Review of Gender and Sexual Orientation Research: Outlines the junk science of the New Atlantis report and explains why McHugh and Mayer are unqualified to speak on the topic.

Johns Hopkins Community Calls for Disavowal of Misleading Anti-LGBTQ “Report”: Covers the petition in which Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, students and alumni called on the university and hospital to distance themselves from McHugh and Mayer’s opinions.

Scholars, Clinicians Release Statement Rejecting Misleading Anti-LGBTQ “Report”: Reports on a sign-on letter by nearly 600 clinicians and researchers who are LGBTQ health experts, explaining that the New Atlantis report does not reflect scientific consensus and should not be used for policymaking.

All of which is unlikely to deter the physician who has previously characterized school “diversity counselors” who urge students to assume gender-confused identities as “cult leaders.”

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