'Islamophobia' witch hunt after Manchester slaughter

The British have not yet buried their dead from the jihadist massacre at a Manchester, England, concert hall, but that hasn’t stopped the Council on American-Islamic Relations from beating the drum of its favorite meme – “Islamophobia.”

CAIR, which claims to be the voice of American Muslims, hasn’t skipped a beat since the attack Monday that left 22 people dead at the hand of a 22-year-old jihadist born in England to Libyan refugee-parents. Another 59 were wounded, many suffering horrific shrapnel wounds from a bomb packed with nails and ball-bearings.

But instead of taking a few days to focus on the victims, CAIR used its Twitter page Tuesday to excoriate a Texas sheriff, a student in California, a Fox News host and even a major university. They had all committed the sin that CAIR calls “Islamophobia.”

Anti-Shariah activist and free-speech advocate Pamela Geller said CAIR routinely exploits the horror of Islamic terror to further its supremacist agenda.

“After every Islamic attack, CAIR uses its considerable influence in the media to blame the target (infidels), smear and defame anyone who opposes jihad terror and not-so-subtly demand more adherence to the Sharia (do not criticize Islam under penalty of death — or as is the case in the West, character assassination),” Geller told WND in an email.

And that’s exactly what CAIR was doing to Denton County, Texas, Sheriff Tracy Murphree on Tuesday.

Murphree posted a message on his Facebook page Monday saying Americans should “wake up” or they will experience their own Manchester-style event, because jihadists “want to kill you.” CAIR’s Dallas-Forth Worth chapter quickly issued a press release condemning the sheriff and calling his comments “an Islamophobic rant,” while telling the local newspaper that it hoped the sheriff could represent all of his constituents, not just non-Muslims.

CAIR pushed for an apology, but the sheriff told the Star-Telegram he stood by his comments.

CAIR’s twitter invective was not reserved for an outspoken sheriff.

  • In Danville, California, a 16-year-old high-school boy was targeted. The boy was tossed out of his position as junior-class president when he made a video as part of his campaign for senior class president deemed offensive to Muslim students, who complained that it depicted some Muslims as terrorists. CAIR was outraged.

#CAIR-SFBA: Tensions high as residents react to high school student’s ‘terror’ video in Danville

Spojmie Nasiri,… https://t.co/0SB5BgR1qu

— CAIR National (@CAIRNational) May 24, 2017

Students and their parents flooded the San Ramon Unified School District’s board of education meeting Tuesday night to demand the student be removed from leadership, and some Muslim students even wanted him banned from the school all together. CAIR was there, inciting the students and demanding a “full investigation” while also demanding that students be put through remedial sensitivity training on “hate” and “Islamophobia.”

  • CAIR also complained about “anti-Muslim crusader” Katharine Gorka being appointed by President Trump to an advisory post within the Department of Homeland Security. She is the wife of Sebastian Gorka, who holds a post in the White House National Security Council.

  • Fox News host Jesse Watters earned a nick from CAIR’s “Islamophobia Watch” for comments made in the aftermath of the Manchester slaughter.

#CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Fox’s Jesse Watters compares Muslim immigrants to low-quality wine “from a risky region” https://t.co/0pdqWKVLXY

— CAIR National (@CAIRNational) May 24, 2017

  • CAIR accused the administration of Duke University of being Islamophobic for rejecting the Muslim Students Association’s recommendation for a Muslim chaplain at the university.

#CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Duke University Muslim students leaders faced challenges working with administrators on… https://t.co/lNPS0vdpOS

— CAIR National (@CAIRNational) May 24, 2017

CAIR doubles down after each new Islamic terrorist attack, says Robert Spencer, author of several best-selling books on Islam and editor of the Jihad Watch blog.

“CAIR is desperate to shift the focus away from actual incidents of jihad mass murder to often fictional or highly exaggerated incidents of ‘Islamophobia,'” Spencer told WND. “They work especially hard at this after a jihad attack, as they have to shore up their fictional construct of Muslims as victims, and reinforce the idea that law enforcement scrutiny of Muslims is unjustified.”

According to FBI statistics, the number of actual physical assaults on Muslims motivated by anti-Muslim hatred stood at 91 in 2015, the latest year for which statistics are available. While that number has spiked from the previous year, it remains at roughly the same level as 2001 — 93 hate-crime assaults — even though the U.S. Muslim population has grown exponentially over the last 16 years.

In fact, most hate-motivated crimes in the U.S. are committed against Jews, not Muslims.

According to the FBI statistics, 52 percent of all anti-religious hate crimes in 2015 were committed against Jews and 22 percent against Muslims.

But none of these facts faze CAIR.

“Remember, CAIR has multiple ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,” Geller said. “It issues pro-forma condemnations of jihad terror, but has actually opposed every counter-terror measure that has ever been proposed or implemented. Its focus on Islamophobia is just a diversionary tactic to intimidate people into thinking that taking action against jihad terror is wrong and we just have to surrender.

CAIR, which Spencer said loves to point out the sins of others, has its own dubious reputation for being tied to foreign terrorist organizations.

Scores of current and former CAIR officials have been documented to have ties to known terrorists while others have been charged and/or convicted of terrorist-related crimes [See WND’s Rogue’s Gallery of terror-tied CAIR officials].

There is abundant evidence proving CAIR has been a front group for Hamas since its inception in 1994.

CAIR Director Nihad Awad publicly expressed his support for Hamas at a symposium at Barry University in Florida on March 22, 1994, where he said: “I am in support of the Hamas movement.” FBI agents uncovered evidence of CAIR’s Hamas connection while investigating a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Hamas support network in the United States.

In April 2009, the FBI cited the evidence against CAIR in explaining why it had cut off formal communication with the group. The ban on outreach with CAIR would last “until we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and Hamas,” a senior FBI official explained in 2009. That policy remains in effect.

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