Memorial Day

Today is the day set aside to honor those who fought for our country. I know that today, there are many people who are “awake” and now realize that all the wars were set up by the Elite to bring about their agenda. However, that’s not the point. Our service people went to war because they thought it was to protect their country and family from evil socialism, communism, and all the other evils out there trying to take over the world. So, forget about the real reason for the war, and think about the sacrifice our service people AND their families made for us. Yes, for us and not the Elite. Because, if it were for the Elite, we would already be in the NWO. However, these service men and women were not soldiers of man, but soldiers of God whether they believed in God or not. God is in control of all things and the wars of yesteryear prove that. Even though the Elite started WWII, it was God who used it bring the Jews back into their homeland. What a horrible way to do it but man is that inhuman...not God! Our service men and women went to that war to protect us from Hitler taking over the world. God used it to get the Jews back to Israel. Both was accomplished! Too many men died in this war. Too many men died in all wars. But, they died to protect their families and their countries. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” So, no matter how the war started, our men and women stepped up to the plate and gave their all for their country. That’s what is important.

Let’s not forget their sacrifice and let’s not forget the sacrifice of their families. Many wives, children, mothers, fathers, sacrificed greatly for their loved one’s service. Many a wife has lost everything when their beloved husband didn’t return. Many children lost their fathers. Many mothers and fathers lost their children. So, the sacrifice was given by so many so we can live safely from communism. Sadly, we are seeing communism growing strong in our beloved United States of America. The very thing our service people died to keep out of our country has taken a foot hold and is perverting our young people’s minds to the degree we have never seen before. Parents don’t realize what they are doing by sending their children off to college these days. Or….perhaps they do because they too are brain washed into believing the lies. What ever the cause, this saddens me greatly because the deaths of those brave men and women was to protect us from that. We, the citizens of this country, have fallen asleep and allowed this evil ideology take hold of our youth and it’s tearing our country apart. We must wake up and join in the efforts to keep America free from this scourge. All of us have had a family member in one of the wars of our past and present. DO NOT let their sacrifice be in vain. Help them by denouncing this evil take over of our country. Don’t let our men and women of our military die for nothing. Socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, liberalism, are all part of the same “ism”….evil to the core and they all have taken hold in our land of the free. Stamp it out. Don’t let your kids be brain washed in college and schools that this is the best way to run our country. I’d rather not have my kid in college at all if that is all they will be taught….and today, that is all they will be taught. Look at what’s happening in the colleges today, the kids have been taught to destroy all that our country has stood for. Freedom of speech, is the one they are working hard to destroy now. Your young son or daughter is being brain washed into believing the liberal lie, that socialism is the ideology we should have in our country. Look at Venezuela. It is a socialist/communist country and it’s people are starving even tho they have a huge oil reserve. No socialist country has ever survived and it’s leaders always end up murdering millions of it’s citizens. Do you want this for your kids? That’s what you are giving them by sending them to left wing colleges. Until you stop paying for an education that is teaching socialism, they will continue to teach it. It will take all of us working together against this scourge to win this war. Our brave men and women have done their parts, given their everything while we have set back in our comfort zones and let the scourge of evil creep in. Honor our service people today for their sacrifice and start standing up for freedom yourselves! Until you kick out the socialists in our government, they will continue to pervert our freedoms. Your lost loved one of a past war is looking down on you in disgust! Start doing your part to help keep our country the land of the free. Our service people have done their parts, now you do yours!

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