UK Electoral Commission Suggests Banning Internet Trolls from Voting

The UK Electoral Commission has suggested banning internet trolls from being able to vote in elections, according to a report.

“Banning social media trolls from voting could help reduce the amount of abuse faced by politicians, the election watchdog has said,” according to The Guardian. “The Electoral Commission says legislation around elections should be reviewed and new offences could be introduced.”

According to their report, “being disqualified from voting or from registering to vote” could act as a deterrent “to stop abusive people” from being mean to politicians.

“In some instances electoral law does specify offences in respect of behaviour that could also amount to an offence under the general, criminal law,” they claimed. “It may be that similar special electoral consequences could act as a deterrent to abusive behaviour in relation to candidates and campaigners.”

In a statement, The Electoral Commission’s Head of Policy Tom Hawthorn declared, “Our strong tradition of free elections are an essential part of a healthy democracy, and people should be able to stand for election and campaign without fear of abuse or intimidation.”

“However, many offences in electoral law have not been reviewed or updated since they were first created in the 19th century,” he continued. “We urge the Government to implement proposals made last year by the UK’s Law Commissions to make it easier for everyone to understand and comply with these laws, and for the police and prosecutors to enforce them.”

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